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Anything in an animal's feces has the potential to be contagious. Consult dog's veterinarian and they can give you some medication for your puppy.

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Are puppy worms contagious?

Yes, puppy worms are considered to be contagious. They cannot pass them on from one to another, but they are contagious through contact with feces.

Are puppy strangles contagious?

No, puppy strangles is not contagious to other animals or humans. My little fosterpuppy has it and is improving because he's taking Clavamox2X/day and Prednisoneonce a day. Thank goodness!

How can I help my puppy feces go hard?

well puppy feces should not be hard in the first place, but if it is, you may want to show it some attractive feces from a puppy of the opposite sex! LOL. or did you mean poopy feces? LOL.

How long after giving a puppy de-worming should their feces show worms?

Dog feces will show worms approximately 24 hours after a deworming has been administered. If there are no worms in the feces, the puppy may be free of them.

How much time does a survived puppy with parvo need to be away from other puppies?

They shed the virus in their feces for 2 weeks after.

How do you stop puppy eating his feces?

Everytime you feed your puppy, feed it a tidbit of pineapple either from the can or fresh. The puppy won't like the taste or smell of his feces. And thus won't eat it. I am trying this with my puppy as of today. I got the hint off of: It's me or the dog, television show.

What is the best way to introduce puppy to your other dog?

Make sure your puppy is in a calm environment and and is not aggressive towards other dogs or humans. Training your puppy before meeting he other dog is the best choice.

How does a puppy get parvo?

Diarrhea comes and dog will stop eating my friends puppy died from parvo. I don't want mine to, I'm worried sick! I have no idea if after a puppy gets parvo shots, it can still get parvo. Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious disease, which is spread from dog to dog from contact with infected feces. This doesn't just mean just out on a walk, if you have feces on your shoe, then your unvaccinated pup still stands a chance of picking it up. It is also not a good idea to let a puppy chew your shoes. Speak to your veterinarian about parvovirus, they will give you the valuable information on when to get your puppy vaccinated.

Does your dog take care of the puppy feces?

puppy poop ? well this may sound gross but the mommys eat it ! bye !

How soon after you puppy's second vaccination can she go out?

. If you do take him/her for a walk, make sure you keep the puppy away from other dogs and other dogs feces, as they can carry the parvo virus.

Should the US allow puppy mills?

== == == == NO! They are cruel to all dogs in them. Would you like to be crammed in a cage with nothing but urine feces and other dogs? ---- == ==

Can a baby puppy and a grown up puppy have a baby?

No....only humans can have babies.

Can washing clothes in vinegar kill any potential worms or eggs from puppy feces on clothing?

Washing clothes in vinegar will not get rid of potential worms, eggs, or puppy feces on clothing, unfortunately. It will only take the smell out. It may remove small stains.

How do dogs get PARASITE?

From their mother If not properly de wormed as a puppy, eating infected feces or dirty water

Do dogs eat puppies feces?

Yes, dogs do indeed eat puppy feces. They eat small amounts when grooming or licking the anus to help stimulate defecation in puppies. They may eat larger amounts of feces to clean up after the puppies. That has a role in the wild of helping to hide from predators. The puppy waste may draw predators, and eating it gets rid of it.

How do you break a puppy from rolling in cat feces?

Puppies learn best with repetition and positive reinforcement. If a puppy rolls in cat feces, reprimand him with a stern, "no." When you tell him no and he listens, reward him with a treat or his favorite toy while telling him he's a good boy. Be consistent and he will learn that the behavior is unacceptable.

What if you got a puppy on Saturday who was wormed on Friday now its Monday and she still has pure liquid feces what do you do?

You call the vet.

How long does it take for deworming medicine to take affect your puppy was dewormed on 1030 and she had worms in her feces?

1 weeks

Where is dog feces found?

On the ground outside in the park, if owners don't clean it up, and sometimes inside if you have a puppy.

Is it normal for a puppy to lose there teeth?

Yes, just like humans canines have baby/puppy teeth

What do you do if there is blood in your puppy's poop?

Blood in the feces is always a bad sign. It is most often associated with parvovirus which can kill a puppy very quickly. Or it could indicate an internal injury or other serious injury or illness. If a puppy has blood in his poop he should be taken immediately to the veterinarian.

Why are there white worms that are not tape worms in dog's feces?

Those are probably hookworms or whipworms. Take your puppy to the vet asap. The worms eat all the food the puppy takes in, and he gets no nutrition.

What causes bad breath in puppies?

Puppy breath is notorious for being kind of stinky, but it could be a gastro-intestinal problem, or possibly, the puppy has been eating it's own feces (not at all uncommon).

What to do when puppies poop blood?

I would suggest taking your puppy to your veterinarian, along with a sample of the bloody feces. In a puppy, I would suspect hookworms or roundworms, but your veterinarian will need to do a physical examination to see what is happening.

How does a puppy get a cold?

They can catch it from both humans and other pets. Since we have similar ammune systems, the same sicknesses can affect us both.