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Uninary tract infections need to be treated with antibiotics. Contact your local vet to get a perscription.

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Q: How do you treat a urinary tract infection with a dog?
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Can your dog get urinary yeast infection?

There is no such thing as a urinary yeast infection, but your dog can get a urinary tract infection. As for yeast infections, I'm not sure.

How do you treat incontinence in dogs?

your dog could be ill, could be urinary tract infection, diabetes, check with vet.

Will cranberries cure a female dog's urinary tract infection?


What is it when your dog pees blood?

Could be Urinary Tract Infection

Why has your dog green pee?

Possibly a urinary tract infection. Take your dog to the vet for antibiotics, urinary tract infections are very painful. Go get your dog checked.

What would cause a dog to leak urine?

An UTI (urinary tract infection).

Why is your dog bleeding when she urinates?

The dog may have a urinary tract infection. It is best to get the dog to a vet as soon as possible.

Why does older female dog have blood in urine?

Urinary tract infection, go to the vet

What are the symptoms of dog with a severe urinary tract infection?

It may be painful for the dog to pee, and in some cases the dog will have fever

Your dog is drinkiing lots of water and he has blood in his pee?

Your dog most likely has a urinary tract infection, please go to the vet now !

What illness can cause a dog to run a fever?

There can be many illnesses a dog can have to run a fever. Anywhere from a urinary tract infection to contracting Leptospirosis.

Are dog urinary tract infections an emergency?

Dog urinary tract infections are an emergency. If not attended to with urgency, it could result into kidney failure for the dog.

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