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How do you treat loose stools in a horse?

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Diarrhea or loose stools in a horse is usually a sign of illness which may be serious or even fatal. Diagnosing and treating the underlying illness quickly is vital. When the illness is treated, the symptom of diarrhea will go away.

Other causes of Diarrhea include insufficient roughage, parasites, stress, advanced age, too much green grass or watery feed.

If the cause of chronic diarrhea is worms, treating long-term with a daily de-wormer following a broad spectrum product will often eliminate loose stools within days.

Diarrhea or loose stools in a horse is often treated as answered below, however there is a new product called Platinum Performance Equine Bio Sponge that is very effective in eliminating the symptom of diarrhea while the cause is being treated. This product is available through veterinarians and under their supervision it can be used in newborns through adults and aged horses.

AnswerGenerally, loose stools are from nervousness if they are infrequent.They usually occur when the horse is asked to do something that it has anxiety about such as trailer loading or unloading. If it is not related to anxiety and it is happening more than once a day, isolate the horse from his feed. Replentish his/her water, supplementing with electrolytes, and call your vet. If you are using straw for bedding, be sure they are not eating it as this may be the cause of the irritated intestinal tract.

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That is a great answer and I would like to add a bit more. Loose stools can also be caused by many other factors other than stress or anxiety. The horse could be ingesting some type of poison such as maple leaves in the field. A few maple leaves will give them loose stools but they would have to eat a lot of them for the poison to be fatal. There are several (very common) trees and plants that are mildly poisonous to horses and several that are extremely fatal. I would have someone you trust, a vet or other knowledgeable horse person check your pastures.

De-worming can cause loose stools as well.

There are many things that can cause loose stools. It's definitely a sign that something is not right in the intestinal tract. If loose stools continue, I would definitely recommend calling your vet

check your treats you give him cause i found out the hard way that the apples i gave my horse caused his loose stools. not the apples but the number of apples i gave him. it is hit and miss to figure out what is too many but my number is 2 small apples 1-3 times a week. i give them when we first go out riding then when we return that evening after all tack is away and he is groomed and ready for turning out.

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Q: How do you treat loose stools in a horse?
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