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Check your fuses first. Then test for power (voltage) with the switch for the seats on. Use a multimeter or test light and test both sides of the switch and where it goes into the seat as well.

I too have the same problem on a 2000 bonneville, drivers seat, I am able to turn the switch on and then it cycles off within a few seconds. I have checked the fuse and it is fine. #16 and #31 on the 2000 ssei.... let me know if you find the answer

I have the same problem. I have replaced the switch and the controller. same problem My element shows a good resistance. I think there is a thermostat in the seat pad that is the problem. I can see a return line from the elements. Ill let you know if it is that Jim

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Q: How do you troubleshoot a problem with heated seats on a 2000 Bonneville?
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How do you troubleshoot heated seats on a 2000 ford expedition?

no clue im only 13

Is the heated seat in a 2002 Bonneville controlled by a fuse?

Yes, each of the front heated seats has it own fuse. Fuseblock is under the rear seat.

Why doesn't my Chrysler 2001 TC heated seats won't heat?

needs heating pads replaced,common problem with heated seats,broken wires.

How do you troubleshoot 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer XLT heated seats that will not heat when fuse is not blown?

Copy & Paste link below I now it's not a ford but it give you an idea on how and what to do. Regarding your heated seat repairs. Repairing the heated seats on a Range Rover ... Introduction Diagnostics Official Procedure Bypassing a Failed Seat Bottom Element o

Do Toyota have heated seats?

Many toyota models offer heated seats

How do you troubleshoot heated seats on a 1999 suburban?

Easy, they weren't available as a factory order option. They don't heat up no matter what you do. They were available on the LT model from the factory.

Are there heated seats in a 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

there are heated seats in my 2002 lxi

Does a 2001 Lincoln navigator have heated seats?

yes it does it actually haas heated and cooled seats!

Does a Buick limeded 2001 have heated seats?

Yes, a 2001 Buick Limited had heated seats available.

Does Honda Accord have heated seats?

The top of the line EX model has heated seats on newer Accords.

Are there heated seats in 1999 Jeep Cherokee limited?

Heated seats were optional. The only way to be completely sure they are installed on a specific Jeep Cherokee is to look for the switch that turns heated seats on.

How do you troubleshoot 1999 expedition heated seats?

Does the light come on, when switched on? Most likely, a relay is at fault. If one seat works, and the other one doesn't, switch relays, and see if the problem moves. Next suspect would be an open circut possible. Check continuity of elements.

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