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How do you troubleshoot a problem with heated seats on a 2000 Bonneville?


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2015-07-16 18:28:54
2015-07-16 18:28:54

Check your fuses first. Then test for power (voltage) with the switch for the seats on. Use a multimeter or test light and test both sides of the switch and where it goes into the seat as well.

I too have the same problem on a 2000 bonneville, drivers seat, I am able to turn the switch on and then it cycles off within a few seconds. I have checked the fuse and it is fine. #16 and #31 on the 2000 ssei.... let me know if you find the answer

I have the same problem. I have replaced the switch and the controller. same problem My element shows a good resistance. I think there is a thermostat in the seat pad that is the problem. I can see a return line from the elements. Ill let you know if it is that Jim


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Yes, each of the front heated seats has it own fuse. Fuseblock is under the rear seat.

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needs heating pads replaced,common problem with heated seats,broken wires.

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Copy & Paste link below I now it's not a ford but it give you an idea on how and what to do. Regarding your heated seat repairs. Repairing the heated seats on a Range Rover ... Introduction Diagnostics Official Procedure Bypassing a Failed Seat Bottom Element o

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Many toyota models offer heated seats

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Easy, they weren't available as a factory order option. They don't heat up no matter what you do. They were available on the LT model from the factory.

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