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The fog light control is in the center stack of the dash , just to the right of the radio

Turn your park lamps or low beam headlights on and push the foglight control button to turn on the fog lights , push it again to turn off the fog lights

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โˆ™ 2011-04-22 16:43:00
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Q: How do you turn fog lights on 2001 ford ranger?
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How do you turn on cargo lights 2001 Ford Ranger extended cab?

On a 2001 Ford Ranger : Rotate your gauge panel dimmer control all the way UP ( that turns on the interior courtesy lights and the cargo lights ) * located in your dash next to the headlight switch

Tail lights on my 1990 ford ranger don't work but brake and turning lights do?

burnt fuse ... tail lights are on a different circuit than stop or turn lights

How does one turn on cargo light on 1997 ford ranger XLT?

Turn your interior light dimmer until it turns on the cabin lights.

How do you turn on the cargo lights on a 98 ford ranger?

On a 1998 Ford Ranger : Try rotating the gauge panel dimmer switch all the way up , I BELIEVE that turns on the interior courtesy lights and the cargo light * in your dash , just to the right of the headlight switch *

Ford Ranger turn signal light bulb replace?

The replacement bulbs for Ford Rangers can be purchased at your local auto parts store. The lights are very economical.

Why do the tail lights not come on 1998 ford ranger which fuse is it?

if turn signals are working , and brake lights not working, i would replace the stop light switch on the brake pedal

Your 1988 ford ranger will not turn over nor will lights come on?

Sounds like a bad battery cable connection or a dead battery

1995 Ford Ranger won't turn over?

Do any of your lights work ? If not it sounds like a battery cable connection or a dead battery

How do you replace the turn signal flasher in a 1999 Ford Ranger pickup?

how do you replace a turn signal flasher on a 1999 ford ranger pickup

How to use the air bag switch on a Ford Ranger 2001 truck?

You either turn it on or off. Whenever you have children in the truck with you, turn the switch to the off position.

Ford Ranger turn signal?

WHAT IS THE QUESTION? yes ford rangers have turn signals LOL

How turn headlight off when running in park on a 2001 ford expedition?

Engaging your parking brake should turn off the daytime running lights

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