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play the suns song

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Q: How do you turn night into day using the ocorenia in legends of Zelda ocarina of time on the 3ds?
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Where are all the poes in Zelda Ocarina of time?

Go to the graveyard at night and move the gravestones around. Poes will come out of them and with a couple of gravestone you find hidden places.

How do you get the hookshot if you didn't plant the bean in legend of Zelda Ocarina of time?

You don't have to plant the bean. You have to go to the graveyard at night, pull on that guy's grave, go down the hole, and follow that guy. He will then give you the hookshot.

What are the ratings and certificates for Late Night Legends - 2005?

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In The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time How do you find the rabbit man have any tips Is he out in the night?

first you must beat Java Jo.... Then go to the field equip the bunny hood and go wait kind of close to the ranch but still a few hundred feet of. Eventually you should see him. You can find him in the day or the night but you can only talk to him in the night. If you see him in the day follow him till night.

Where do you get a discount on the hylian shield in Zelda ocarina of time 3d?

If it's the same as the original version, then you can get a free one under a grave that had flowers near it if you pull it at night. You can get a discount on the one in the shop by talking to the guard in Kakariko Village by the entrance to Death Mountain.

What is a stalfos in the Legend of Zelda?

A Stalfo is an undead soldier which still have the spirit to fight. They are common enemies in pretty much all legend of Zelda games. They are found at night in Hyrule Field where they will swipe at you . An interesting thing about them is that when you kill one the next one will be slighty bigger than the last one in Ocarina Of Time.It's an easy way to get rupees when you are link as a child...

What actors and actresses appeared in Late Night Legends - 2001?

The cast of Late Night Legends - 2001 includes: Bernie Slaven as himself Roger Tames as Himself - Presenter

What do you do with the suns song on Zelda ocarina of time do?

You have to go to the graveyard. When you get there go to the grave of the royal family. Then play Zelda's Lullaby so that a hole will open. Go into the hole. go into the doors, ru past the redead and go to the slate. Check it amd on the bottom craved it are he notes for the sun's song. The sun's song will turn it form day to night and will freeze redead.

What is pontius now called?

Broganear meaning the legends of rain and night

What kind of legends are in the Canadian shield?

teens disappearing in the middle of the night

Can you get in to the hyrule castle after Zelda run's away?

No, unfortunately. Guards will block the entrance day and night.

What actors and actresses appeared in Late Night Legends - 2005?

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