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Q: How do you turn off automatic narrator on iMac?
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Why won't the headlamps on a Pontiac Sunfire turn off when the car is off?

you did not turn the switch off they are not automatic

How do you turn off the fan on a 27 inch iMac?

You can with a program called TG Pro from Tunabelly Software.

Why do your parking lights stay on on a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am?

Are your lights automatic or do you have to turn them on??? If there automatic then you need to turn the knob to the left of the steering wheel and turn it to "Off" and its the same if there not automatic too.

How do you turn automatic updates off in Windows XP?

Stop the "Automatic updates" service.

How do you turn off the automatic locks in a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

The dealer can turn it off with a scan tool.

How do you turn off automatic head lamps on a 1999 Chevy Silverado?

I have a 1999 Chevy silverado ls which has automatic dusk to dawn head lights how do you turn them off as the on off switch only works in the daylight

How do you turn your iMac off?

Click the Apple logo top left of the screen and from the drop down menu click Shut Down.

How do you set it on automatic to turn on the headlights in Isuzu Ascender 2005?

You turn it one notch from the off position

How do you turn off automatic updates on a Samsung Galaxy S3?

You have to open GooglePlay and then go into settings and turn off "auto-update apps"

How do you turn mouse off to iMac?

In order to turn the mouse of to an i mac you turn the mouse over and you should see a switch if it is bluetooth and then turn that off but if you want to disconnect it you have to go to system preferences and select mouse and then just disconnect it

How do you turn off the headlights while keeping the radio on in a '97 Ford Aerostar?

If you are parked and you want to here the radio without the Automatic headlights on. Some times if you engage the parking brake it will turn off the automatic head lights.

How do you turn off the narrator for the visually impaired?

Turning the narrator on and off for the visually impaired depends on the device you are using. Check your devices settings folder or refer back to the user manual.