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How do you turn off low tire pressure light on a 2005 Chevy impala?

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2010-01-16 03:43:27

Read the owners manual. Turn the key to the on position (not

start) with the radio off. Wait 10 seconds. Press the "display"

button on the radio and hold for 10 to 12 seconds. the radio

display will light up . PRESS "display" and "1" to select

functions. display i think is enter . read owners MANUAL.

It's really simple. Turn the key on but not to start the engine.

Make sure the radio is off and hit the "display" button for a

couple of seconds, the big knob on the bottom on the left of your

radio until the "settings" display shows. Hit the scan button to

the right until "Tire pressure" comes up. Hit # 1 on your radio

select buttons until it says "reset". Push the "display" button

until you hear a "beep". Press the scan button a couple of times

until it says "exit" then press "display". After it "beeps" you're

all done.

If you had an owners manual why would you ask for help.

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