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Dowload Morgan Stream Switcher it's a small free program that will add an Audio Track option in Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player and all the rest of the players.

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Q: How do you turn off one track audio on media player classic?
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How do you figure out which album the unknown album is in Windows Media Player?

# Right click on the audio track in the playlist. # Click Properties # Here you can find where the audio track is located in hard disk, its album and its artist.

On your computer when you click on an audio track in any media program like Windows Media Player and it says no audio devices found and it says the same in control panel how do i get my audio to work?

You need to install drivers for your soundcard and then set it as default audio device from the control panel.

How do you email an audio track?

If the audio is on a CD, you first need to make it into a file with a CD ripping software such as CDex or Windows Media Player. When you have the file, you can email it as an attachment to the reciepient

How do you change Japanese shows to English?

To switch the audio track in a video file, the video file must already contain both audio tracks. If you are sure of this, then you need a player that supports such features. The easiest way to get support for most containers and encodings is through VLC ( or CCCP ( CCCP will use Media Player Classic Home Cinema as a video player and VLC is it's own standalone player with built in codec libraries. To switch the audio track, you first open the video with either player and right click anywhere where the video is playing. The context menu should contain an "Audio" menu where you can switch between the different audio tracks in the file.

What does MP3 stands in an audio CD?

If there is mp3 in an standard audio CD, it is on a data track, and thus not playable on a regular CD player because it is not an audio track.

What is an audio track?

An audio track is the audio component of a multimedia item.

How do you get music from windows media player to show up on windows movie maker?

> Open Windows Media Player> Right-click on the music file you wish to use> Scroll down and choose: Open File Location> Find the audio file in that location> Drag and drop it into the Imported Mediaviewing pane> Then, drag it down into the Music/Audio track in the time-line view

How can you convert a window media audio mp3 to audio?

The web is full of applications that convert an audio file from .wma to .mp3 or if you have professional software for audio editing then simply import the wma track and save it as a mp3.

How do you change the audio track in a movie?

To change the audio in the Audio/Music track, simply delete it and put something else in its place. To change the audio of a video in the video track, first Mute the audio of the video. Then place alternate audio in the Audio/Music track.

How do you make a music video on movie maker?

Import all the video and audio you wish to use in the music video. Drag video from the Imported Media pane into the Video track and music into the Audio/Music track in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker.Adjust audio/music as desired by dragging it along the track. Audio adjustments can be made by right-clicking the music piece on the track. Video can be adjusted by clicking the + button beside the Video track.

What kind of software tool pulls a track off an audio CD and stores it in raw digital format on your hard disk?

You can do this using Windows Media player. Press the 'Rip' button when a track is selected and it will store it as WMA file, with little or no compression.

How can you overlay a video file and two separate audio files using windows movie maker?

There is only one audio track to work with in Windows Movie Maker. The only other audio track is connected to the Video Track (the video's audio).Therefore, you can only have one video (with audio) in the Video Track and one audio/music insertion in the Music/Audio Track.

How do you put music in Windows Movie Player?

All you need to do is Import the music/audio files into the Windows Movie Maker program.> Click Import Media> Browse and locate the audio file> Click ImportThe file will appear in the Imported Media viewing pane.In the Time-line view of the program (not Storyboard) drag the audio file down into the Audio/Music track and drop it there. Then click to the Play button in the Preview pane to hear the results.

How do you track image with 360 degree rotate video?

If you are wanting to track image with a 360 degree rotate video you will have to get VLC media player. After getting the VLC media player you can rotate videos and play them.

How do you delete and add media files to a movie?

Right-click on the clip (media file)on the video/audio track in Windows Movie Maker and choose Delete or Cut/Remove.

How can you take audio from one video and put it on a different video?

First, drag the video into the Timeline view. Then click, hold and drag the file from the video track down one more into the Audio/Music track. You will notice that the video is gone and only the audio remains. Publish/Finish the project file. It will be converted to a .wma file (windows media audio). Once you have the file in audio format, re-import it into the program again. Drag it down onto the audio track and it will play with a different video of your choice.

How do you add music to a movie?

Click on Import Media feature. Locate the audio/music file you wish to use. Click Import. Once the file is visible in the Imported Media pane, drag it down into the Audio/Music track in the Time-line view.

How do you make auido on windows movie maker?

Windows Movie Maker is not an audio editor, but you can use audio/music in the program. To get music or audio into the program, click the Import Media button on the top menu. Browse for your audio/music and click Import.The media should now appear in the Imported Media viewing pane. Click, hold and drag it into the Music/Audio track in the Time-line view (not the Storyboard) of the program.Click Play in the Preview window to hear the results.

How do you get sound on windows movie maker?

Click on Import Media. Locate the audio/music file you wish to use. Import it. When it appears in the Imported Media viewing pane, drag it down into Music/Audio track in the Time-line view of Windows Movie Maker.

How do you split voice and music from a track?

Windows Movie Maker does not have a feature that allows for extensive audio editing. You will need to use an external audio editor to make changes to the media prior to importing it into the program.

How do you route a midi track to autotune plug in in cubase?

Autotune is an audio effect (not MIDI) One solution would be to ... 1. export / render the MIDI track out as an audio track 2. import the rendered Audio track back into cubase... 3. Apply autotune (or Melodyne) to the Audio version of the track et voila

When on fl studio how you put the beat on your windows media player?

You need to export the beat or any other track you create to WAV, OGG or MP3 and play in Media Player.

What is quicktime mov file?

QuickTime is Apple's media player that they have been developing since 1991. It is widely used and is available for Mac OS X and the Windows operating systems. QuickTime was used as the basis for the MPEG-4 format.The mov file is the movie that the player plays. It is in reality a container that can hold a video track and/or an audio track and/or a text track and/or an effects track. The mov file may be very small in size (around 4KB) as it can refer to a video file stored elsewhere which is loaded by the player as and when it is needed.

What is an audio commentary?

An audio commentary is an audio track on a video recording which is timed on a pre-existing movie track so that one or more people can comment on the movie being shown.

How do you pause video but run audio at the same time on Windows Movie Maker?

You can't run the video's audio while video is paused. But, if you want to hear the video's audio without the distraction of the video, click the + button beside the Video track in the time-line view. Then, click, hold and drag the Audio track down into the Audio/Music track below.Close up the Video track. Then delete the video (or Remove it). The only thing remaining should be the original video's audio in the Audio/Music track. If you want the video back in the project, drag it back down into the Video track.