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How do you turn off the seatbelt sensor in your 2005 Taurus?


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You can Deactivate the Belt Minder two ways. First, you can deactivate it temporarily for your current "run cycle", that is after you have started your car and it's still running. Second, you completely deactivate the Belt Minder so that it never reminds you again, or at least until your reactivate it...

The first method, temporary deactivation, or one time disable: After you have started your vehicle, buckle and then un-buckle your safety belt. Be sure to buckle back up.... This will disable the Belt Minder only for that ignition cycle.

The second method, permanent deactivation: There are 9 steps you need to follow to deactivate or activate your Belt Minder system. Before doing so, make sure that: The parking brake is set. The truck/car is in Park (automatic), Neutral (manual). The ignition is OFF. All doors are closed. The driver's safety belt is un-buckled. The parking and headlights are OFF. Then follow these 9 steps:

Turn the ignition switch to ON, but DO NOT START. Wait for the safety belt warning light to go OFF(1-2 minutes). Steps 3-5 MUST be completed within 60 seconds!

Buckle, then un-buckle the driver's safety belt 3 times, ending with the belt un-buckled. Turn on the headlights, turn off the headlights. Buckle, then un-buckle the driver's safety belt 3 times, ending with the belt un-buckled. After step 5, the Safety Belt Warning Light will be turned on for 3 seconds.

Within 7 seconds of the safety belt warning light turning OFF, buckle then un-buckle the safety belt. This will disable the Belt Minder if it is currently enabled, or enable the Belt Minder if it is currently disabled.

Confirmation of the disabling of the Belt Minder is provided by flashing the safety belt warning light 4 times per seconds for 3 seconds. Confirmation of the enabling of the Belt Minder is provided by flashing the safety belt warning light 4 times per seconds for 3 seconds, followed by 3 seconds with the safety belt light off, then followed by flashing the safety belt light 4 times per second for 3 seconds again. After confirmation, the deactivation/activation of the Belt Minder procedure is complete.

Obviously, buckling the seatbelt should silence the reminder. If you see/hear the reminder and all belts used by the reminder ARE buckled, the vehicle should be taken in for service ASAP.

If you do not want to use your seatbelt for whatever reason, and wish to disable or silence the reminder system altogether, this can be done in a matter of minutes by a serviceperson at a dealership using a custom option setting device connected to the vehicle's internal computer. As this is a safety system, some dealerships may not be willing to do this unless you sign a liability waiver.

However, if you do not wish to have the vehicle serviced professionally for whatever reason or would like to disable or bypass the seat belt reminder system for certain seats only, the following options may be of help:

A piece of sheet metal of the same dimensions and shape as the actual seat belt 'plug' can be inserted into the seat belt 'socket' to silence the reminder. Obviously, the more the piece of metal resembles the actual 'plug', the more likely it is to work.

Also, as seat belt buckle design has not changed much lately, a junkyard is one source of seat belt 'plugs' that can be cut from their straps and inserted in the seat belt 'socket' to silence the reminder chime. It's likely that several model years of a car (and even different makes/models) may all have similar seat belt 'plugs'.

Lastly, there are wires running down the 'socket' end of the seatbelt which tell the car's computer if the seat belt is buckled or not. These wires may be cut, stripped and connected together (or separated, depending on which stops the reminder) permanently.

It should be mentioned that disabling or bypassing this safety system in any way is discouraged by vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, safety specialists and many other private and public organizations and individuals. However, there are conditions for which seatbelt use is extremely uncomfortable or presents more harm than benefit, such as in the case of certain abdominal/thoracic medical conditions, morbid obesity, etc.


It's very simple. There is a small box-like switch plugged into your fuse box. Just pull it out. That will stop the warning bell/buzzer. The trick is to find out which "box" (switch) it is. Just pull them out one by one. You will find out. You won't hurt the car, don't worry. Look for tiny lettering on the fuse box itself, it may well say STBT, meaing, "seatbelt warning indicator". Something like that. You can try, maybe they have a diagram of the fuse box for you. Maybe.


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The sensor is located in the seat. The problem is that if you unplug the sensor the vehicle will not start.

All you need is a pass key. Go to shhding .com

sorry, there is no way to actually turn it off. It fully integrated into the air bag control module and the instrument cluster module. The other prblem is, if anyone were to actually tamper with that system, and then someone were to get hurt or killed in an accident because the seatbelt was not fastened, then there whole buncha lawyers knocking on someone's door.

Alright I've found the solution, the seatbelt connection has 2 wires leading to it, cut both wires and splice together, problem solved :D

Under the seat there is a wire that runs to the seat belt lock. It has a conector which you can unhook. With this disconnected, the bell will not sound while you are in seat without the seatbelt buckled.

Brand new vehicle still under warranty. If you are having a problem with the seat belt sensor, take it back to the dealer for repair. If you are just wanting to not wear your seatbelt, sorry, I will not help you do such a foolish thing.

To adjust your headlights on 2005 Ford Taurus, first open the hood of your car and turn the lights on, find the headlight adjusters beneath the hood, and turn it counterclockwise to raise the beam or the other way to lower the headlight beam.

Well you should always wear a seatbelt but you can turn off the chime by simply grounding the wire lead at the seatbelt causing the electricity to flow through and the chime to turn off

You can turn off the 2009 Toyota Camry seatbelt warning light by engaging the seatbelt. You can also remove the seatbelt warning light fuse. Removing the seatbelt warning light fuse is not recommended.

Go to a junk yard and find a seat belt male connector for the Ridgeline and just leave the connecting latch attached.

Unless your seatbelt is on. aswell as other passengers, the seatbelt light will not turn off. It is a safety precaution and I highly doubt you can disarm it.

Turn power on and set counter to "ODO" Turn power off Turn power on, within 5 seconds, press and hold the trip-reset button After 10 seconds, fasten the seatbelt Release the trip-reset button .. the display should now change to "B-off", turn power off and release the seatbelt.

will a bad crank shaft sensor make a 2005 chevy equinox not start

Get in the vehicle and latch the seatbelt. Turn the key to "on" not "start". Wait for the seatbelt light on the dash to go out. Unlatch and relatch the seatbelt buckle 3 times within 10 seconds. Waiting for the the seatbelt light on the dash to come on before each relatch. End with the seatbelt latched. Turn the key to off. A single ding indicates success. Complete the above steps all within 60 seconds. If you hear any dings during the process you must start over.

While this is illeagal and will void warranties it is easy. simply clip the wire that is attached to the seat belt and bolt it to the seat frame. the tells the computer that the seatbelt is locked. some cars have a passenger sensor too just repeat for other side.

how about just fastening the seatbelt when no one is using it.......

If you connect you seatbelt for about a minute or two, then take it off, it should shut off.

You will have to remove the seat and disconnect the cable leading to the seatbelt. once you've disconnected it you might have trouble starting the vehicle. Some times the ignition is connected to the seat belt sensor and wont function while it is disconnected. Unless you can see under the seat ,you'll have to remove it to make sure you disconnect the right cable.

Turn the passenger side airbag to the "off" position using your key. It should be to the right of the radio. By putting on your seatbelt.

You can turn off the seatbelt warning light in your 2006 Ford Explorer, by buckling the seatbelts. When the seat is occupied the warning light will stay on until the seatbelt is buckled.

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