Vauxhall Vectra

How do you turn off the service warning light on a Vauxhall Vectra?

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2006-11-01 12:21:17

1.With ignition OFF,press and hold reset button.(trip

mileage,although I believe time clock on some). 2.With button still

held in,switch ignition ON while continuing to hold down button.

3.After 2 seconds,InsP should flash then change to ----. 4.Release

button and display reverts to trip miles.(or time?) If a Vectra "C"

with Eco-flex service intervals it's slightly different. 1.Ign

OFF,trip miles must show. 2.Press and hold the reset. 3.Ign

ON,still holding reset,wait until service interval indicator

switches over and hold on for 3 secs more. 4.After 3 seconds,the

display on the instrument cluster shows the max mileage allowed

between services and the timer is reset for 24 months.

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