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On the Mini SD adapter, there is a lock tap you push down usually when you put your mini SD card in to it, then into the USB adapter. To turn off the write protection on your mini SD, simply do not lock your mini SD in its adapter.

If that doesn't work, the write protection sensor in the device reader is not reading the card's lock switch properly. First, try moving the lock switch on the card slightly towards the lock position - this worked for me. Another trick is to put a piece of tape over the lock switch area on the card. It seems the fail-safe position is write protected, unless the switch is closed by the tab on the card in the 'unlocked' position, signaling a writable card.

If these simple tricks don't work, the 'unlocked' sensor in the device reader may not be working; it's likely to be a mechanical switch that my have failed. Some have claimed success performing micro surgery to permanently short the switch in the closed position, essentially removing the write protection. This would require more skills that the average person has. Proceed at your own risk of damaging the device.

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Q: How do you turn off the write protection on your mini SD card?
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