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388.36K is the boiling point, so applying this temperature to elemental Sulfur would liquidise it. In a vacuum, this temperature would be lower, of course.

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Is sulfur liquid or gas at 200 degrees Celsius?

At 200 degrees Celsius sulfur is a liquid.

Characteristics of sulfur after heated?

By heating liquid sulfur is obtained. The liquid is very viscous and had a red color.

Is sulfur a liquid?

No it is not a liquid, it is a solid at room temperature

What is molten sulfur?

Molten sulphur is sulphur that is hot enough to become a liquid. It remains yellow.liquid sulfur

Is sulfur a liquid at room temperature?

The room temperature is always consider about 25 C in this degree the sulfur is not liquid.

Is sulfur solid liquid or gas?

Sulfur is Solid at room temperature.

Is sulfur gas solid or liquid?

Neither? It is a gas. Sulfur GAS.

Is you heat sulfur does it turn to a liquid?

Yes, if you heat sulfur it changes into a orange-brownish liquid and if you keep on heating it its colour will gradually become darker and darker and the whole substance will become gel-like. This usually occurs at around 200 degrees Celsius.

Can sulfur can be hammered into sheets?

No, sulfur would break and turn into powder.

Mixing chlorine and sulfur?

You may get sulfur dichloride (SCl2), which is a cherry-red liquid.

Is sulfur liquid solid or gas?

The element sulfur is all three, depending on the environment.

In which liquid does sulfur dissolve?

Sulphur dissolves in a liquid called carbon disulphide.

What is the color of a sulfur?

Sulfur (or sulphur) is a yellow solid at room temperature and a red liquid when molten.

How do you turn paper in to liquid?

you cant turn it into liquid

When sulphur is heated does it turn from a solid to a liquid?

at room temperature and pressure, sulfur is volatile and will sublime i.e. go directly to gas phase from the solid phase.

What is sulfur soluble in?

washing up liquid and alcohol

Is sulfur soluble in alcohol?

it is soluble in dishwashing liquid

What color does sulfur turn a flame with oxygen?

Sulfur burns in oxygen with a blue flame.

Can butter turn into a liquid?

Yes butter can turn into a liquid.

Is sulfur a gas liquid or soild at room temperature?

Sulfur is a non-metal solid at room temperature. It has a foul odor and is yellow in color.

How can you solidify a gas or a liquid?

To turn a liquid into a solid you have to freeze it. To turn a gas into a solid you must first turn it into a liquid, then freeze it.

Is sulphur a soild liquid or gas?

Elemental sulfur is a solid.

Why is sulfur flammable?

because it contains flammable liquid and oil

What is oxygen as -247 degrees?

At this temperature sulfur is liquid.

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