How do you uninstall epicbot?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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I have no idea i wouldnt come to this site exepcting to know if theres no answer. So im adding this if you know post something!

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Q: How do you uninstall epicbot?
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Why don't i have the free fighter script on epicbot 1.6.50?

To get Epicbot you have to download and install it. First download the software, then run it through the installers windows, then you will click the icon called Epicbot on your computer and youÕre ready to start botting.

What is a good rs bot?

Epicbot or RSBuddy

How do you install epicbot for linux 10.04?

No botting.

Where can you find rs bots that will not get you banned?

You can go to Epicbot or RSBuddy

How long is epicbot going to be down for?

Epicbot is down for to long almost for a half year because they cannot fix the problems JaGex gave them because of the new runescape update "botnuke"

Runescape just let out a page saying they will detect 98 percent of reflection bots and I use epicbot. I dont want to get banned and I still want to use epicbot. So is epicbot a reflection bot or not?

You shouldn't use ANY type of bot - it is against the rules, and you can get caught at any time. I don't think there is a list of which bots are detected and which not.

How do you use Epicbot inside the range guild?

Find a better ranging script

Is epicbot safe for teens?

Epicbot does nothing more than play a online computer game for you(This game being Runescape). However, be careful. Some have claimed to have their online accounts hacked (not affecting the computer or personal data).

Is epicbot safe?

Yes EpicBot is safe, bots are nothing more than a robot to do any work you need done. It is safe for your computer and will not corrupt any data or let in any virus that your computer may run into.

What does M1DI mean on epicbot?

"Mine 1 drop 1" to drop the ore right after mining it

What RuneScape bots currently work?

Currently EpicBot is the only working Runescape bot out, but Powerbot is about to relaunch.

What do i do I have The Sims and i want to uninstall the game but it has an uninstall shield so i can't uninstall it?

uninstall shield is just the name of the program that uninstalls it.