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First, open terminal (bash prompt).

You must be login as root user to run any one of the following command.

Remove Software under Red Hat / RHEL / Fedora / CentOS Linux

Use rpm or yum command to delete the software.

To list the installed software type

rpm -qa | less

rpm -qa {software-name}

yum list | less

yum list {software-name}

To get information about httpd package, enter:

rpm -qa httpd

yum list httpd

To remove a software use rpm or yum command as follows

rpm -e {software-name}

yum remove {software-name}

To delete a package called httpd, enter:

rpm -e httpd

yum remove httpd

Delete / Uninstall Software Under Debian / Ubuntu Linux

To list installed software type:

dpkg --list

dpkg --list | less

dpkg --list | grep apache

To delete the software, enter:

sudo apt-get remove {package-name}

sudo apt-get remove apache

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Q: How do you uninstall programs in Linux?
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Uninstall programs that allow you to safely and completely remove unneeded programs and related files from your hard disk.

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You cannot "uninstall" it. You can delete the partition it is installed on.

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You can either run the uninstall program, or you can just delete the folder that it is installed in. Windows programs are placed in /home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

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Uninstall it from 'add or remove programs'.

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If you have windows you need to open the control panel and navigate to the uninstall programs option and look for the program, right click and than choose uninstall.This may work with mac and linux but it might not.

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You can uninstall it in the list of programs.

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For Windows XP users: Start Menu- Control Panel- Programs- Uninstall programs- List Programs, then choose it and uninstall For Vista users: Start Menu- Control Panel- Programs- Features- Uninstall programs, then choose it and uninstall For 7 users: Start Menu- Control Panel- Uninstall a program, then choose it and uninstall *or an easier way for XP ONLY, drag random shortcut into recycle bin, and when it asks you whether to delete shorcut or not, click on the link add or remove programs, and choose it and uninstall* Hopes this helps :)

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If your on windows goto the control panel -programs and features and uninstall it there.

Which program should I uninstall?

you can uninstall any program that you'd prefer not to receive,Uninstall programs that allow you to safely and completely remove unneeded programs and related files from your hard disk.

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Free Uninstall provides you with professional uninstall tips and recommended uninstall tool in order to help you uninstall any unwanted programs which cannot be uninstalled/removed completely by Windows Add/Remove Programs. Uninstall tools are designed to assist you uninstall any software including Anti-Virus Programs, Microsoft Office, iPod/iTunes, Internet Explorer and even malicious software hidden on your computer.

How do you uninstall Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

you can not unistall, you have to format the disk...

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go on add/remove programs and click on 'uninstall'

Can you uninstall toolbar?

Of course. Go to your Control Panel in Windows, click on the Add/Remove Programs icon, let the list populate and select the item you want to remove or uninstall. Click on uninstall or remove ... voila!! How this is accomplished on a Mac or within Linux will have to wait until a user of those applications responds to this question.

How uninstall software from windows 7?

Either use the uninstall program in the programs folder OR - use the add/remove programs option in the control panel.

How can I find a powerful tool to help me to uninstall my programs?

Uninstaller Max is a powerful tool to help you to uninstall your programs, manage your startup programs, clean your hard drive, and erase your internet traces...

Methods to make connections between Windows Clients and Linux Servers?

uninstall the windows in all the client systems and install the Linux OS in aall of them you are done. OR else uninstall the Linux OS from the server and install the windows server on are done. very simple and straight answer na.... huh

How do you uninstall opencv from your computer?

I always uninstall programs with Windows Add/Remove Programs. Start-Control Panels-Windows Add/Remove Programs-opencv-Uninstall. If opencv still remains, unstall it under Safe Mode. Why not use an opencv uninstaller to uninstall opencv? this uninstaller can save your all the steps above.

What is the name of the window used to uninstall software in Windows 7 or Vista?

"Uninstall or Change a Program" Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

Is there a free software to completely uninstall my programs?

Yes there is Uninstaller Max that is a powerful tool to help you to uninstall your programs, manage your start up programs, clean your hard drive, and erase your internet traces.

Can you install Adobe programs on Linux?

Adobe does make a few programs available for Linux, namely Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe does not make programs like Adobe Flash or Photoshop available for Linux, and recent versions of these programs do not work in Wine.

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Go to your start menu and go to control panel, once you're there find the uninstall programs option and a list of the programs you have on your computer will show up. Find the Sims 2 and click on it to uninstall.

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Control Panel > Programs > There should be a link that says ' Uninstall programs' or whatever. Then go look for MSN. I hoped this helped!

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What you need to do is just to download any one of the trustworthy uninstall tools and follow the uninstall wizard to uninstall unwanted programs on your PC. If you still have no idea on uninstall tool, you can just follow these simple steps to download the recommended uninstall tool.

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Go to the control panel and add/remove programs list to find this program, then remove it. It is the common way to uninstall iminent. But if you feel it still can't fix your problem to uninstall iminent, a professional uninstaller is a necessary for you. With a professional uninstall tool, you can uninstall any programs you want.