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How do you unlock a suitcase with forgotten combination lock?


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Hi I have just reset the combination (3 thumbwheels, 0-9 on each thumbwheel) on a pair of CARLTON SUITCASEs. These are the hard shell type with 2 wheels, 2 cam-action side hook/clasps and 1 cam-action top combination hook/clasp with folding handle.

TOOLS- 1 bright light(I used a pencil LED torch), 1 thumb (preferably still attached).

METHOD- have the case facing you, so you can read the CARLTON on the lock, shine the light on the righthand side of a thumbwheel, if you look closely in the half millimetre gap, you can reflect light from metal below. if you push the thumbwheel round 1 full turn, you will have noticed a slot which didn't reflect. Align all 3 slots, and read the pattern. Because this isn't the combination, but the barrels are in the right order, so keep them in this pattern, then rotate all 3 thumbwheels at once. When the slot aligns with the internal mechanism, the button will retract and the case will open. This procedure takes about 30/45 seconds. Once the case is opened you can reset the combination in 10 seconds. On the underside of the combination unit is a metal tab, slide tab to the right, reset the combination, write it down in a safe place, slide metal tab back to the left, finished. I hope these instructions are useful, and i hope your not an airport baggage handler...

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If a lock's combination is forgotten on a suitcase, the best option is to take the suitcase to a locksmith who will be able to pick the lock without damaging the suitcase, and as the same time will be able to reset the password

To reset or put in a custom code for your TSA suitcase lock follow these instructions. Set the lock to the default code of 000; use a sharp item to press the reset button in do this until you hear a click. Set your own custom code, pull the catch out as if to open the suitcase lock until you hear another click, your custom lock combination is now set.

You can unlock the combination lock of the polo luggage if the combination numbers are forgotten in a few ways. One way is just to try a few different combinations until you get the right one.

There isn't really a way to unlock it if the combination was forgotten. You should always right down the combination the first thing you do, and hide it somewhere.IMPROVED:It depends on the type of lock. There might be a code of the lock and many times a locksmith can determine the combination of a lock with that or by other means. If it is a Master Padlock there is a technique for that which can be found on YOUTUBE.

The old fashioned way, a hammer and nail. Put the nail between the lock and the suitcase and hammer it in until it breaks the lock off.

I'm not sure which master lock you are asking about, but see related links below for methods of opening combination locks

You search for the combination at the school , and you go to the lock and unlock .

Combination locks on suitcases are seldom more than 4 numbers long. It is therefore possible to crack them by simply trying every number between 0000 and 9999. Start at one need ans simply work to the other, at some point you will hit the correct combination - it just take a little time.

If you have forgotten the code to your suitcase's combination lock, you can either use a hammer and screwdriver to disengage the latch, or if you have an immense amount of patience, you can set the dials to 0-0-0 and increment them, one digit at a time, until the lock opens. If you are quick and agile, you may be able to open the lock in ten to twenty minutes, however, if it is a four or five digit lock, it might take you several days to a week.

In order to open any combination lock you need to know the correct combination, set each wheel of the lock so that the correct combination of numbers are visible in a line and the lock will then pop open when triggered.

You should always lock your suitcase. There are thieves everywhere.

Use a pistol, hold with bith hands ,aim at lock ,then shoot. Good luck!

You enter the correct combination for the lock then move the catch and the lock will spring open.

There really is no way. If you put the lock on something open important, you may have to cut the lock.

I have a Samsonite suitcase that has a 3-digit combination lock plus 2 key locks. I have the combination, but I don't have the key and I really need it open! You can see the image of the suitcase here: Please help me!

You have to input the combination that you had set to activate it. It's like a password. You just but it in and you can unlock the screen lock.

Heys combination lock embedded in side of suitcase, with a slide bar mechanism: Set lock to correct combination and slide open. You will see a small indentation on the side of the lock (opposite side from combination numbers). Insert the tip of a ballpoint pen in the indentation. While pressing down with the ink pen, change the combination to the new numbers.

If you don't know the code then it is not yours and you have no need to be in it

The American Tourister Suitcase is made by Samsonite. It has a lock that consists of three dials, that form a combination chosen by the owner. If the owner forgets the combination, he can try to pick it open with a safety pin (one can find instructions for this on the Internet) or take it to a Samsonite Repair Center.

you have to take it to the phone shop. they will connect it to their computer and either un lock it or tell you what your password is!

To open the lock you enter the combonation that comes with the lock and pull up on the shackel. to close it, put the shackel in the hole on the lock and push down.

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