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You can't play as Jinpachi on the PS2 version of Tekken 5. You need GameShark/Action Replay in order to do so. You can play as Jinpachi on the PS3 version of Tekken 5 though.


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you unlock jinpachi can in tekken 5 (dark resurrection) but in the normal tekken 5 you cannot unlock him.

You can't you can only unlock him on Tekken 5 Dark resurrection for PSP and PS3 (downloaded)

You can't play as Jinpachi in Tekken 5.

yes, it is possible there is a cheat on that allows you to unlock jinpachi

You can unlock jinpachi by using cwcheat

buy an action replay or a game shark cheat disk

you can't unlock him in tekken 5

It is not clear that Jinpachi is unlockable as he was probably deafeated in Tekken 5.

You can't unlock jinpachi in tekken 5. He's usable if you chance upon him picking random characters. He is unlockable in tekken 5 dark resurrection, though.

just make heihachi as tekken lord then go to costumize and press triangle on heihachi and buy his extra custom and when you want to fight press triangle

They Said there's a cheat device to unlock him,but i can't figure it out

He's not playable in the Arcade or the PS2 version of Tekken 5 (But he is playable by a cheat disc where you can play as any character with his model of Jinpachi)But he is playable in the PS3 version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.You can't, the last character you can get is Devil Jin.

There is no way of unlocking him, only by that Action Replay thing.

he is not playable unless you have a cheat CD e.g. codejunkies etc

if you want unlock jinpachi arcade mode all characters rank is tekken lord Im not sure about the answer with the one above ^ I think it is this way You can unlock jinpachi and devil kazuya in here! Finish all Dojos in tekken dojo Finish all character's stories in Story Mode and get 1 character in arcade mode to get the rank of Divine Fist.

are you talking about king 2 lili devil kazuya jinpachi azazel dragunov you dont unlock lili king 2 dragunov you have got them already you cant unlock jinpachi azazel devil kazuya only ar max search it up on internet its a cheat game but u dont enter the cheat you figure it out to unlock jinpachi go find tekken 5 then modifier 1 then i always play as jinpachi human or demon then press x then go anything in the game and then go anyone then shows up jinpachi with the mouth for ps2 action replay max

on the psp version you can unlock him by using cw cheat(google it), on tekken 5 for ps3, beat the game once with anyone

Jinpachi Mishima is a playable character in Tekken 5, with a cheat device, but you don't need it in dark resurrection.

On PS2 you can't you can only unlock him on Tekken 5 Dark resurrection for PSP and PS3 (download).

you have to make all the levels of the characters to Tekken Lord.

you can't unless you cheat

To unlock Heihachi Mishima in tekken 4 play with a character and when you unlock new characters play with them, keep doing this till you get all the characters and heihachi will be there. But in tekken 5 you just have to keep on playing story battle until you get all the characters. Also you cant get the boss character in tekken 5, Jinpachi Mishima you can only get him when you play tekken 5 in PS3. Hope this helps!

yea but you use cwcheat for jinpachi

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