How do you unlock your phone from nam2?

I just had this happen to my Samsung Zeal (or Alias 2). The solution is not for the faint of heart. But, it will unlock your phone. You can try taking it to your local wireless store. I was told they have a special machine to extract the code. You might try tech support. If that doesn't work, this will...

So, I'm playing around with my settings and low and behold I come across "NAM Select" on my Samsung phone and have no idea what it is. Being the inquisitive person I am I switch it from "NAM1" to "NAM2". Now, if the phone is set to lock itself upon rebooting/restarting/power-up, you will get locked out. The NAM is the electronic memory in the mobile phone that stores the telephone mobile number and an electronic serial number. When the security feature to "Lock on power up" is set, changing the "NAM Select" setting from "NAM1" to "NAM2" will require a 4 digit unlock code that is different from your "NAM1" unlock code.

This is how you unlock your phone:

Step 1: Download a SHA-1 Hash Calculator such as HashCalc (highly recommend HashCalc). Different variations of online hash calculators produce different results and are not reliable!

Step 2: Calculate the SHA-1 from the MEID HEX number (14 digits) located on the back of your phone under the battery. When doing this be sure you are inputting the data as HEX (set the input setting on the calculator to HEX) and calculate for SHA-1.

Step 3: Take the last 6 characters from the calculated SHA-1 result, and add "80" in front of these 6 characters to get something like this 80XXXXXX.

Step 4: Enter this 8 digit HEX number into the Windows Calculator (or any scientific calculator that can convert HEX to DEC). Input it as HEX and convert it to decimal.

Step 5: Use the last 4 digits of the decimal result to unlock your phone. This is your phone's "NAM2" unlock code.

(Here is an example)

MEID HEX: A00000248110D4 (found under the battery on the back of phone)

SHA-1: 61e35fea9d5777e9c503eda550773ee6d4d14735 (last 6 characters = d14735)

HEX: 80d14735 (add the prefix 80 to get this 8 digit HEX number)

Decimal: 2161198901 (convert HEX to decimal, last 4 digits = 8901)

Unlock Code: 8901