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How do you unzip a file?


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You should have software to unzip your data (one version is the longtime utility WinZip). You can get this software free on the internet. Download one of them and install it first in your computer. Now you right click on any folder. You will see an option of unzip file in context menu. Click on it.

Windows XP and Vista1. In Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can Right click on the file> extract all > next > next > finish Why Files are ZippedHave you ever had a file on your computer that was so ridiculously large it was all but impossible for you to send it to a friend as an email attachment? Or, even better, have you ever wanted to email someone a BUNCH of different files at the same time but didn't want to go through the tedious process of having to attach the files to the email one at a time? That's where the ZIP file format comes in.

To unzip a file, right-click the file, and then click Extract on the shortcut menu.

Zip a fileTo create a .zip file, right-click a file, such as Government Proposal.doc, and then click a command on the shortcut menu, such as Add to Zip file or Add to Archive, to create Government Often the zip utility shortcut menu also includes a command such as Configure or Options to access the zip utility's option settings. Unzip a fileTo unzip a file, right-click the file, such as Government, and then click Extract on the shortcut menu.

If you are a Mac user, you also can use enolsft RAR Extract for Mac to upzip your files.

Mount ZIP to a virtual disk

You should have WinMount first, you can mount ZIP files on a new virtual drive, or you can quick mount ZIP to current path as a virtual folder, so that you can use files without extraction, saves your time and disk space! For mac: you either just double click the file, or use a program. Your Mac should come with an app called "archive utility", so right click your zipped file, do "open with" then click "archive utility" you can also download an app called "the unarchiver" and it works the same way as archive utility.


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To unzip files download a program called winrar: Open winrar and open the folder containing the file you want to unzip (My Documents, etc) and single-click on the file you want to unzip. Click on 'Extract to' and choose the file you want to extract it to.

Assuming you have a program (such as Winzip) that can unzip something, you right click on it and select unzip.

It means "extract from a zip file."

A group of files compressed into one file using the "ZIP" algorithm is known as a zip file. This file can be read as a single file and is handy for sending or uploading said group of files as a single file. To unzip means the reversal of this process, the re-creation of individual, uncompressed, files and folders from a ZIP archive.You usually unzip a zip file when you receive a compressed file so the files function as they would in their normal uncompressed format.For example: You download a program you want to install, and the package is a zip file. You should firstly "unzip" or extract the files so you can run it properly.Note that ZIP and UNZIP are often used synonymous to compressing and archiving (ZIP) and decompressing and unpackaging (or: extracting) (UNZIP). However, ZIP (UNZIP) refer to just one representative of a whole range of algorithms used for the same purpose (that of combining multiple files into a compressed archive, and reversing that effect).

Using winzip or winrar utility. Right click on the zipped file and select the winzip item. Then select the Extract to here or Extract to... option and this will guide you through the steps to unzip it.

It is very easy to unzip files. Firstly you need to download the zipped file,and save it to your computer. You can download programs from cnet, which will allow you to automatically unzip compressed files.

The simplest method is to invoke a third-party unzip program via a system call. If you don't know if the required unzip program will be available on the target machine, you will need to licence an open source unzip library such as 7zip. This will allow you to unzip without making a system call.

Yes. WinZip provides a free trial for the express purpose of trying it. To try it, obviously, you would need to unzip at least one file.

You can either use the Window O.S. tool, (double click the file and choose "Unzip file"), or you can download, install and use a software for this purpose, like WinRar or WinZip. (On the context menu click on extract or unzip).

You can not. The person who zipped the file will need to give you the password or re zip the file without the password protection.

With any archive manager. File size doesn't matter, but B1 Free Archiver will do the great job.

You can extract video from pdf files by first downloading the pdf file in a zipped format. Once you have downloaded the file, you can unzip the file and extract the video from it.

You simply right click on the file and choose the option extract here.

Where can I download password for psp action replay max for free to unzip? The RAR file I downloaded is asking for a password to unzip.

Read it. If you click on the unzipped file it should start up the appropriate software to read it. But in some cases you may not have the software required.

Go to the help menu in leopard, ask the same question and help will come.

Right click on the file and click "extract here."

BY create an uncompressed copy of a file I asume you mean make a copy of the compressed file and have the copy be uncompressed. all you need to do is unzip it.

it is a .rar file so you can uzip it using the software: WinRar (you can download the trail version if you want) BUT.... if you dont wanna download it, you can unzip it online here:

hi I have found many softwares for nokia 81 8gb in websites but these are unzips files.So i couldn't open that files in my mobiles.It needs only unzip files.

unzip the zip file and place the .ar file in the Midtown Madness directory

To retrieve the files from a compressed file you will need to unzip it using programs like WinRaR, which extracts the files into a normal folder.

A zip file is a compressed file which needs to be unzipped before you can access it. You will need a program such as WinRAR to unzip the file. This will save to your chosen location on your computer and to print it, just right click the file and choose the Print option.

Well, if you have winRAR installed you can easily see. The picture will have an icon of some books.

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