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CSS is easy to implement into any webpage. Three methods of insertion have proven to be the most common. The methods below need to have property replaced with the propetry or attribute you want to define, value with the value you want to replace, element with the element (usually an HTML or XML element) you want to define, and class with the class name of the element, if necessary. If you are defining styles for an element signified by an ID, put a number sign before the element name (no class, no period). ---- Testing! ... Focus on the bold text. We have used the "style" tag, which defines style syntax that can be used on that specific page. ---- Alternatively, you can define specific propertys for a single element by putting it in its rightful tag as an attribute, as shown here. ---- Testing! ...
There are two basic ways:

1) Create a style tag in between the and tag on your web page that looks like this:


2) Creat a new text file named yourFile.css(yourFile being whatever you want to name it) and place the file in the same folder as your web page. At the top put:

@charset "utf-8";

and something like this on the line after:

body, div, a{





Then put:

in between and on your webpage.

This explains the two main ways to add CSS to your page.

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There are 2 ways to use CSS:

1st way:



{CSS code}



2nd way:

<[element] style="CSS code">

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Q: How do you use CSS?
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What is the use of in css?

Inline CSS is one of the ways to apply CSS. It is the styling which is done with the individual element.

Difference between inline and internal css?

Inline CSS sits within the HTML tag.For example: your text hereWhen using Internal CSS, all the CSS instructions sit in the section between your css here tags.To use Internal CSS you have to tell the page that you want it to use the css whilst Inline CSS is run automatically as the page is read.

How do you color the area between margins using HTML or CSS?

You use CSS

What is the element of CSS?

Mostly use Pseudo-elements in CSS for website designing.

Where css use?

CSS is used in web designing along with HTML. All the styling on the page is done only by CSS.

On MagiStream what is a Custom CSS code and how do you use it?

A CSS code allows you to modify your profile visually. There are articles in the MagiStream gamer forums that explain how and where you can use CSS codes.

Why should you use css?

You should always use your own CSS. This makes a person have control over what he is going to get.

Can you use CSS transparency codes on WikiAnswers?

No, WikiAnswers does not provide its users with any option to use CSS transparency codes.

What is CSS in web application?

CSS is a "cascading style sheet" which use for website templates designing. Moto of CSS is that how HTML elements are to be displayed.

How much course of css?

CSS is a very vast topic to learn. You can learn it as you use it accordingly.

Give the Difference between internal CSS and external CSS?

External CSS is link to with the link tag to allow multiple pages to use the same styles. Internal CSS is for the page only as it will either be embedded or inline CSS.

Can you use css on freewebs?

If you can upload HTML, then you can upload CSS. Both are text files the browser interprets.

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