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You dont compress a piston with a C clamp, you use a piston ring compressor to compress the rings and tap the top with a hammer to sit it back in to the cylinder bore. The C clamp is used for compressing valve springs. *AArOn*

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Q: How do you use a C clamp to compress the piston?
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How do you compress caliper piston on 2003 Kia Sorento front brake?

You can use a large C-Clamp to compress the caliper piston.

Compress the piston on a 1999 deville without a tool?

Brake piston? Front use a "C" clamp to compress Rear - Piston is threaded turn clockwise to compress (water pump pliers?)

How do you collapse brake cylinder on 1998 lincoln Mark VIII?

On the fronts, you can use a C clamp to compress the piston but the backs you have to screw the piston in, don't use the C clamp because you will screw it up, they sell the small tool that you use to screw in the piston at any auto parts store.

How do you compress piston on rear brake caliper on a 1995 Trans Am?

Shade tree mechanics use a C-clamp and a flat steel bar to compress the piston. I have also used a large adjustable Channel-Lok-type pliers to compress.

How do you release the pressure of brake system to change the brake pads?

Use a "c" clamp to fully compress piston into caliper body

How do you compress a caliper on a 2007 Kia Spectra?

use a c-clamp and push the piston in that way. style c-clamp i sue

How do you compress caliper piston 2007 Kia Spectra rear brake?

Use a C clamp to push the piston out of the way to remove and also to place back on rotor.

How do you compress the rear brake caliper piston in a 2005 Pontiac grand prix?

with a c clamp. put a block of wood or your old pad over the piston and tighten with clamp.

How do you compress brake calipers on front brakes dodge ram van?

use a large c-clamp aiso use the old brake shoe on the caliper piston to squeeze it back in

How do you push in the piston to insert brake pads?

use a C clamp

How do you compress caliper piston 997 Porsche?

Similar to any other caliper piston, you might used a C-Clamp that has been covered in some protective coating to prevent it scratching the caliper. Ideally the C-Clamp would not directly compress the piston edge but some piece of flat metal, laid out in a way that would allow it to spread the force across the piston's diameter.

How do you compress the caliper piston on a 1985 Nissan truck brake assembly?

If it is the front brake use a "C" clamp to retract piston If it is the rear and the parking brake is used by this caliper piston is threaded and a special tool (not expensive) available at Sears or auto parts to "screw" piston into caliper body

How do you compress the break caliper?

I use a c-clamp and one of the old break shoes. Put the old shoe against the caliper and use the c-clamp to push it back in.

How do you remove rear brake pads from vw eurovan?

It's very easy. You need a 6" C-Clamp to compress the piston and a large enough "channel lock" to turn the piston as it's held in the C-Clamp. Clamp it to compress & turn the piston Clockwise. Compress, turn, compress, turn. It shouldn't take too many turns and compressions to get it all the way in. Prior to that, removing the pads are easy as well. Two 13mm bolts hold the calipers on. One of them has a wire connected to the ABS system. It's fairly easily unclipped. Be aware of how and where the wire it stowed and protected. It's really easy. My problem is how to do the Front?

How to compress the front brake cylinder on the caliper on a 1992 olds cierra?

Shade tree mechanics (such as I) use a "C" Clamp to compress it. For lack of a "C" Clamp, a large pair of channel lock pliers will also work.

How do you compress the brake caliper on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

A C-clamp, open the clamp wide enough to put it over the piston (round metal thing) then close the C-clamp until it is pushed back far enough to allow brake pads to fit properly. Remove the clamp and your golden

How do you depress the piston on a infiniti g20?

Easiest way is to use an old brake pad and a C-clamp. Put the pad over the piston and crank the clamp. If you don't have an old pad, use a small piece of wood to cover the piston.

How do you compress the piston on the rear brakes of a 2006 civic?

If you are meaning the caliper piston, use a minimum 4 inch C-clamp (or F-clamp). You can buy one at most any autp part store, or tool store. Some discount stores may also carry such items, they don't have to be expensive to work.

1999 Monte rear break piston Unable to compress with c-clamp is their a better way?

if you use a piece of wood and two c clamps that should do the trick, if that doesn't work then it is probably messed up. You have to screw them back in.

How do you re-compress the brake caliper's piston?

If the emergency brake is not connected to the caliper use a "c" Clamp If the emergency brake is connected to that caliper a special tool (not expensive available at Sears or auto parts) is needed Caliper is threaded. Turn Clockwise to compress

How do you compress caliper piston 2006 Kia Spectra rear brake?

Get a 4 Inch C Clamp Leave the Pad In The Caliper On The Plunger Side Open The Clamp Wide enough To Clamp on The Back Of Caliper and Pad. It should Easily compress. However, as these are rear disc, the emergency brake is connected as well. A C clamp will not work in this situation because the piston caliper is threaded and has to be retracted by turning the piston caliper with a special tool that can be gotten at most auto parts for around 10-15 dollars. Make sure the cap is off the master cylinder reservoir. Not difficult.

How do you compress piston caliper to put new rotor on 99 Nissan maxima?

you can use a C clamp and squeeze the cylinder down and then your brake shoes should be far apart enough to just fit on the rotor.

What are the tools needed to change brake pads for 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

A size 14 scket or wrench, and a medium sized C clamp to compress piston in caliper

How do you press the caliper piston in to put new pads on a 99 Chevy?

I use a "C" clamp.

How do you push in caliper piston on a 93 chevy caviler?

Use a 6 inch c-clamp.