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You sing into it.

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I think that he or she is asking how the pitch works, and so on. I don't have an answer to that question, but im still searching, and if I find out, I'll be sure to come back here and post it.

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You have to sing the lyrics or hum he rhythm or you could just mumble the lyrics but while keeping the rhythm.

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You have to have a controler on and plug the mic in to the wii.

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you connect a Xbox 360 controller to the console and connect the microphone to the USB drive...

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you have to connect your controler to your system. then plug in your microphone. hope this helped

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Q: How do you use a Guitar Hero microphone?
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What games Can you use the microphone with Guitar Hero?

You can use the microphone with all guitar hero games.

Can you use a microphone on Guitar Hero 3?

No. You can only use it on the guitar hero games after guitar hero 3.

Can you use the rock band guitar drums and microphone for Guitar Hero or band hero?

guitar hero, yes, band hero, sometimes.

Can you use microphone for guitar hero legends of rock?

Yes, a microphone can be used for Guitar Hero Legends of Rock in the same way it's used in other Guitar Hero games.

What instruments do you use in Guitar Hero world tour?

guitar, drums, bass and microphone

Can you use Guitar Hero world tour microphone for Guitar Hero 5?

Yes. Guitar Hero 5 is great to play with friends. Singing rules!

How do you use star power on the microphone in band here?

how does the microphone on the wii guitar hero work

What microphone can you use on world tour for ps2?

the guitar hero or the rock band 2 microphone.

Can you use a wireless mic on PS3 guitar hero?

Yes you can use a wireless microphone

Can you use microphone guitar and drums at the same time with band hero?


Can you use a Wii Microphone to play Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock?


How do you use the microphone for Guitar Hero 3?

no because there are no music tracks to sing on GH3. it's purely for guitar only. world tour and after can use the microphone but nothing before