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How you use a cigarette lighter depends on the type.

In a vehicle, you push the lighter all the way into the socket. When it gets hot, it will pop back out. Then you take it and touch it to the cigarette and inhale until it is lit. A wall lighter in an older building works similarly in that that you hold down the button, insert your cigarette into the hole, and puff until it is lit. Then you let go of the button.

If it is a metal lighter that uses liquid lighter fluid (not butane), then it is fairly simple to use. You open the lid and flick the wheel, and the spark from turning the wheel fast ignites the fuel-soaked wick. From there, you place your cigarette to the fire and puff until it is lit. Then you close the lid and that puts out the fire.

Butane lighters can be trickier to use. On the older ones, you simply flick the wheel and press the button as you do so. Then you hold the button down as you light your cigarette. On the newer ones, there are often extra safety mechanisms to made it more difficult for young children to use them. Some have a safety button under the button, and you might have to hold that back while you flick the wheel and push the button. Some have a metal band over the wheel to make it more difficult to use. If you have difficulty, you can sometimes use both hands and hold the button first with one hand and turn the wheel with the other.

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Q: How do you use a cigarette lighter?
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