How do you use a humidor?


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A humidor is basically a special storage container. All you need to do is put the cigar in the container and make sure it is closed.

For any storage more than a day, your humidor should also have a source of humidity and a gauge to show you what the humidity levels are at inside. It is also helpful to know the temperature since temperature affects humidity and high temperatures can cause tobacco beetle infestation. I recommend a digital hygrometer/thermometer for ease of use and accuracy. The gauge and humidification system that comes with nearly all humidifiers are junk. Look into jells, beads or for larger systems a 110v humidifier which uses only distilled water. A correctly regulated humidor will reward you with the fine smoking experience you are seeking.

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My grandfather kept his cigars in a humidor.

No , the antifreeze contains chemicals that would contaminate the cigars and the humidor .

dear ,keep your cigar in the humidor!

A humidor cabinet can be made out of wood. Humidor cabinets can also be made with similar construction to a fridge, that is with a metal casing and plastic insulation.

The Thompson Cigar Company in Florida has the largest humidor in the US .

Throw away the directions that come with the humidor. Use the gel or beads. Do NOT use a dial hygrometer. Get a digital hygrometer. Leave it a couple days with no cigars. You are now good to go. This method will save you ALOT of pain. If you have a large humidor get one of the electric units that self regulate and double check it with your digital hygrometer.

Both, I work at a cigar and tobacco shop. We have a huge cigar case with a humidor. A humidor keeps them fresh, wrapper, or not-just throw them in:-)

A humidor box is a storage container. I don't understand your reference to Wicca?

Ideal conditions for a humidor are 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 70% humidity .Keep your humidor from direct sunlight .

Cigar humidor comes with enough temperature and humidity to keep your cigar taste alive and fresh. Instead of putting up cigar in another box... get one affordable cigar humidor

I suppose that isopropyl alcohol evaporates too quickly.

You might try leaving the humidor open for a long time... months. Then give the wood a light sanding and close the box for a couple of weeks with a humidification source. See if you detect a odor. If so, you will have to use the box for another purpose. The problem is the cedar inside the humidor is porous and designed to absorb from it's surroundings. With the prices the way they are, You need the best storage device available to you. - - - - - You really CAN'T remove the burnt cigar smell. If you like saving half-smoked cigars to finish at another time, get a new humidor for unsmoked cigars, and use this one for the half-smoked ones.

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Nine cubic feet? Wow. Are you building this humidor yourself?If I was building a humidor that big, I would get about two square feet of the foam florists use to arrange fresh flowers in and cut it into chunks. Soak each one in 50/50 propylene glycol and distilled water, and place them in various positions in the humidor. This will help the humidity get into the atmosphere of the box evenly.

I would get them to a humidor as soon as you can. This becomes more important depending on the humidity of the region you live in.

Yes they do. They are no different than any other cigar. If you see them in a display outside of a humidor, more than likely they will not be worth the purchase price.

As long as you put propylene glycol in it or there's PG already in your humidifier, club soda would be okay.

It is any kind of box or room with a constant humidity where you would store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco in

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Once you have mold you pretty much need to start over. Every cigar in the humidor will be affected. (infected) You could try leaving the humidor open for a week or so and giving it a light sanding and re-humidify it with out cigars for a week or two, then test it with some expendable cigars to see if it ruins them or not. Use a digital hygrometer and the crystal jars not the sponges with water. It make it easier to regulate and keep the mold away. If the humidor is a cheapy, I would toss it and start over.

Maybe you could find one of them here online.

Monaca Lewinski, the human humidor.

Yes. Just make sure it is a medical grade sterile water. Don't use boiled tap water. Ideally you should use propylene glycol (PG) as well.

Yes. A cigar case is often a humidor, but not necessarily. There are temporary protective cases for transporting cigars, but they are not meant for long term storage. Humidors are temperature and humidity-controlled, for long-term storage.

Possible. If you have kept them in a humidor, not in excess humidity they should be fine.

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