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You do not use a laser on Moshi Monsters at all. Moshi Monsters is not a game designed for fighting.

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It can only trigger once per turn, but if multiple monsters are summoned simultaneously by one single source controlled by the opponent, all of them will be switched to defence mode.

Well, you just kill monsters. Put your attack into defend mode, and then you will get defence exp. Check what is your denfence level in the skills page.

If the opponent's monster is in attack mode, then both monsters are destroyed. If it's in defence, then nothing happens.

Under normal circumstances, a Normal Summon will be in face-up attack mode, and a Set will be in face-down defence mode. Some cards can change this, such as Light of Intervention, which prevents monsters from being set, but allows them to be Normal Summoned in face-up defence mode. Special summons are different - the default is face-up attack or face-up defence position. Again though sometimes individual card effects can 'special set' the card, or restrict it to a specific mode.

Yes, monsters appear in creative mode, but do not attack you unless you provoke them.

Yes, there's monsters in Minecraft P.E. creative mode.

You don't necessarily have to have any monsters in attack position. The monsters you use for the Synchro Summon can be in defence mode, that doesn't matter. What matters is that they are face-up, because you can't use face-down monster for a Synchro Summon.

to get more monsters to fight in the arena you have to capture them in offline mode.

Defence Mode, or Defence Position, means that the card is placed Horizontally in the monster zone. It could also be Set (face down defence position) or face-up due to being Set and attacked, or switched while face-up from attack to defence.

No, you can not. You have to go through professional mode to get it.

The "/Assault Mode" Monsters that have been released in the TCG so far are: * "Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode" * "Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode" * "Doomkaiser Dragon/Assault Mode" * "Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode" * "Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode" * "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode"

If the difficulty isn't set to peaceful, mobs will spawn in creative mode.

Monsters will try to kill you as soon as you are with in 16 blocks range of them, the range may be different for some monsters

Spell and Trap cards with field or blanket effects (destroy all monsters, switch all monsters to defence mode) will affect all monsters regardless of ownership, unless stated otherwise. Cards like Swords of Revealing Light only affects the opponent's monsters, because it says so. Gravity Bind on the other hand affects all Lv4 or higher monsters, regardless of who controls them.

Yes, if you control a monster in defense mode and it is changed to attack mode during the Battle Phase by a card effect, it can attack. The "Zero Gravity" Trap card is an example of a card that can switch your monsters' battle position during the Battle Phase. But if the monster already attacked that turn, was switched to defense mode, then changed to attack mode again by an effect, it cannot attack again on that same turn.

no unless you use mods or hacks

Select the combat icon and switch to defensive mode of figthing

The robotic laser ball moves to music that is being played. It does not actually make its own music. Put it on Music mode and place it near a radio or stereo and there you go!!

Well by doing that maybe try playing diffrent monsters in story mode or just face monsters.

If you want to be in a defending mode then you should use D Hero Defence person if you want to attack than use someone like the skilled dark magician

A Synchro Summon is a special summon, so the summoned monster can be in attack or defence mode, just must be face up.

you can use a laser in defense mode (Yu-gi-oh) If you are of the age of 12 to 16 you can do the following steps: (Real life) 1. train in martial arts 2. run away from home and join a secret supernatural malisha 3. train with the secret supernatural malisha with weapons 4. Kill monsters with weapons.

There are only non-aggressive mobs when you are on peaceful.