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You can either use mob eggs, single player commands, or GUI Spawner Mod.

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Q: How do you use a magma cube spawn in minecraft?
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How do you summon Herobrine on Minecraft?

The only way to spawn herobrine in minecraft is to use mods as you cannot spawn him in vanilla minecraft.

How do you spawn a wither skeleton in minecraft?

Use a spawn egg in creative or look for a nether fotress where they spawn.

How do you spawn a Minecraft cat?

They just naturally spawn in jungles. Unless you're in creative, where you can use an ocelot spawn egg to spawn one in.

How do you get spawn eggs in Minecraft PS3 on survival?

To get eggs that spawn animals in Minecraft PE on Survival Mode pawn use the command /give.

How do you spawn a sheep in survival in minecraft?

You can't, they are only spawned naturally. You can, however, use a spawn egg in creative mode to spawn them.

How do you make animals spawn in minecraft 1.9?

you use some kind of mod, or throw eggs until you spawn a chicken

Can you use a bed on minecraft as a spawn point?

Beds are made in Minecraft by crafting the first row with wool, and the second row with wood.

What command should you use to give yourself a horse spawn egg in Minecraft?

Try: 383:99

How to get animals back to life in minecraft pocket edition?

You can't, unless you use mods or spawn eggs.

What do you use to make a squid have a baby on minecraft?

You can only spawn mobs in creative mode, where they give you spawn eggs. if you use a squid spawn egg in water, a squid should appear.

How do you make spawn eggs in minecraft?

There's no way to make them, it's just something you can use on Creative mode.

What is the minecraft pe seed with a cave of lava?

One seed you can use is "$hit" but replace the $ with an s. You spawn near a cave with lava in it.