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Wind on the under thread, run the top thread, pick a type of seam and stitch length. Insert cloth, fasten the thread by a short run back & forth, then do your seam. Finish by short runs back & forth.

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What is the use of a sewing machine?

the use of sewing machine is to sew

What tools can you use for sewing?

Needle and thread. Sewing machine.

How does the sewing machine impact the environment?

Using a sewing machine you have to use electricity, which means you are polluting

What sewing machine is best for making baby dresses?

Singer Sewing Co 7442 30 Stitch Sewing Machine would be a great sewing machine to use to make baby dresses.

How do you take care the sewing machine?

Use plastic to cover the sewing.

What equipment do you use for fine sewing?

a needle or a sewing machine and thread.

What is the machine that you can use to customize clothes and stuff?

Sewing machine

How do you make a cushion?

use a sewing machine

What is the use of a presser foot on a sewing machine?

The presser foot is an attachment on the sewing machine to hold fabric flat as it is fed through the machine and stitched.

What is the sewing machine first use for?

Sewing peoples clothes before there was stores to buy them at.

What determines the type of sewing machine needle you use?

depends on what kind of material your sewing

How did the sewing machine affect women?

The sewing machine let women sew more quickly and efficiently. During the 1800's the use of the sewing machine by women led to the mass production of clothing.

How did thomas saint invent a sewing machine what did he use to make a sewing machine?

Thomas Saint received the first patent for a sewing machine in 1790, in London. His machine used a notched needle and awl to create a chain stitch.

Does the inventor of the sewing machine still affect us today?

yes because we still use sewing machines today so without the inventor we wouldn't be able to use them. if you use a sewing machine then yes - the inventor affects you

What is the theory of the sewing machine?

theory of sewing machine

Why does a tailor use a sewing machine to stitch clothes?

A tailor may use a sewing machine for a few reasons. It saves time, as a sewing machine sews much more quickly than hand sewing. Also, a sewing machine makes interlocking stitches, making the stitch tighter and more durable. Lastly, a sewing machine offers more options for sewing - stitch length, width, zig-zags, etc. - that either can't be done by hand, or would be very difficult to do.

What are facts about the invention of the sewing machine?

there hard to use

What do people use to sew clothes?

a sewing machine

How many volts does a sewing machine use?


What are the positive impacts of a sewing machine?

The positive of the sewing machine is that it can help you make clothes faster and the stitches is a perfect straight line/The negative of the sewing machine is that machine would be hard to use if you a beginner and you had to fix it or buy a new one that would make it Expensive therefore sewing machine can have a negative and a positive

What sewing machine is best for a beginner?

The Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine would be the best sewing machine for a beginner. This machine gets 5 stars on amazon and has had several positive reviews. This sewing machine is very easy to use and the manual is easy to read. It is computerized, automatic, and has a light for the best viewing.

Is a sewing machine a compound machine?

Not all sewing machines are compound machines. The definition of a compound machine is one the contains more than one machine within the same case. A machine that is not only a sewing machine but also an embroidery machine would be considered a compound sewing machine. A really good compound sewing machine is the Husqvarna Diamond sewing machine.

What is a Spool pin in your sewing machine?

A spool pin in your sewing machine is where the spool of thread sits on the sewing machine.

What is the top selling sewing machine?

Juki brand sewing Machine is number one sewing machine in Malaysia.

What simple machines make up a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a compound machine. To make up a sewing machine, the simple machines you need to use are: an inclined plane, definitely a lever, lots of screws, wheels and axles, a wedge..................... you basically have to use all the simple machines!