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"I love playing Basketball with my friends." "Today is the first day for basketball try-outs." "That basketball still needs to be inflated." "Hey, pass me the basketball!" "Is basketball the most popular sport?" "First one to score 21 points wins the basketball game."

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Q: How do you use basketball in a sentence?
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How do use the word basketball in a sentence?

The Lakers are playing basketball against the Celtics today.

How do you use deviate in a sentence?

She deviated at the end of the basketball court.

How do you use blundered in a sentence?

She blundered during basketball tryouts.

How can you use maverick in a sentence?

There are several ways to use maverick in a sentence. One sentence for the word is; The basketball team, the Mavericks, won a championship this year.

Use zeal in a sentence?

I have a lot of zeal for basketball, I play with passion.

Use prevail in a sentence?

The man prevailed when he won the basketball competition.

What is a sentence that you can use professionally in it?

The basketball player professionally dunked the ball.

How do you use dick as a sentence?

I went to dicks sporting goods to get a new basketball.

How do you use fouled in a sentence?

The basketball great fouled three times in the game.

How can you use the word stooped in a sentence?

The basketball player stooped to get through the door.

How do you use certainty in a sentence?

My certainty was high that our basketball team is going to win.

Use counterpart in a sentence?

At basketball practice, the coach is the counterpart to the teacher in the classroom.

How do you use effort in a sentence?

The boy made a great effort in the basketball game.

How would you use the word height in a sentence?

"His height was a factor in his ability to dunk a basketball."

How do you use unskillful in a sentence?

The basketball player's inability to make a layup showed how unskillful he was.

How can you use the word play in sentence?

go play outside. play basketball in the morning

How do you use eligible in a sentence?

The basketball team was eligible to compete in the championships. - Nadia I did not make this sentence on my own I had help from a website. I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS SENTENCE.

What is a sentence for rift?

Because the girls basketball team and the boys basketball team can't decide on which gyms to use, there is a rift between the players.

How do you use the word metier in a sentence?

Michael Jordan's metier was basketball, because he was the best in the game.

How do you use the word supremacy in a sentence?

Micheal Jordan's basketball skills gave him supremacy on the court.

How do you use the word martinet in a sentence?

His first basketball coach had been a loud and demeaning martinet.

How do you use despised in a sentence?

Jenny despised basketball and refused to go to any of the school games.

How do you use coming in a sentence?

I'm coming to basketball practice late because I got detention.

Is during the basketball game a sentence?

It is not in and of itself a sentence. You need to tell what happened during the basketball game.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.