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Q: How do you use bell as noun and verb?
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Is toll a verb?

To toll a bell (ie to ring it) is a verb and a toll (what you pay to use a road or a bridge) is a noun.

What is the noun of the verb to use?

The noun forms of the verb to use are user, and the gerund, using.The word 'use' is also a noun form.

Is bell a noun?

Yes, the word 'bell' is both a noun (bell, bells) and a verb (bell, bells, belling, belled).The noun 'bell' is a word for a hollow metal device that makes a ringing sound when struck; an electric device that makes a ringing sound; a ringing sound used as a signal; a word for a thing.The verb 'bell' is to take the shape of a bell, to flare; to equip with a bell or bells.

Is the word usage a verb or noun?

Noun. The verb is 'use'.

Is use a french verb?

No, "use" is an English verb (or it can also be a noun). The French version is "utiliser" (verb) and "utilisation" (noun).

How do you use anwer as a noun and a verb?

noun - This is not my own answer. verb - I didn't answer this myself

Is supply a noun verb adjective or adverb?

It can be a verb and a noun. Verb: To provide something. Noun: An amount of something available for use.

Use 'dread' as a noun and verb in a sentence?

A verb

Can you use subterfuge as a verb?

Subterfuge is not a verb, it is a noun.

is usage a verb?

No. Usage is a noun (an application or operation). It is roughly synonymous with the noun use, and related to the verb to use.

Is hundredth a noun or verb?

Hundredth is an adjective or a noun, depending on its use. It is never a verb.

How do you use the word abundance as a verb?

The noun abundance is the noun form of the verb "abound."