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How do you use carbonate as a sentence?


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Here's a sentence: How can I use the word carbonate in a sentence?


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Each carbonate has specific applications. Please mention a carbonate.

Sodium carbonate is not used in agriculture.

Copper carbonate is used as algaecid and pigment.

Calcium carbonate is used as a filler additive in PVC.

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Since sodium carbonate is called washing soap, the main use for it is cleaning.

Farmers use calcium carbonate to lowervthe pH.

A seashell is formed of calcium carbonate, which is secreted by shellfish and clams. It is not unusual to find an ancient seashell far from any modern ocean or sea.

Yes, sodium carbonate is the same for use in the pool as for use in the laundry.

pharmaceutical use of sodium carbonate

They use a substance called Carbon Dioxide.

It is used as a filler in paint production.

In chemistry a carbonate is a salt or ester of carbonic acid. Like the salt you use on the ice during the winter is a carbonate because this salt is insolube in water. Or.. the carbonate water that is in fact CO2 in water pressure,take the exemple of a can of soda is opened. Psssuiit!!!

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You need to use sodium carbonate when you are attempting to diazotize a poorly soluble acid, such as sulfanilic acid. m-nitroaniline isn't acidic, so adding sodium carbonate would have no effect.

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