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The kids need someone to coach their soccer team.

The Super Bowl trophy is named after Vince Lombardi, one of the best coaches in NFL history.

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Q: How do you use coach in sentence?
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Use a posteriori in a sentence?

I love my soccer coach a posteriori.

How can you use indolent in a sentence?

I Was indolent when our coach was making us do sprints.

How do you use analyze in a sentence?

The coach tried to analyze the opposition's gameplan.

Use counterpart in a sentence?

At basketball practice, the coach is the counterpart to the teacher in the classroom.

How do you use coach in a sentence?

You didn't say which meaning of the word you want to use. If you mean to coach someone, you might use a sentence like the following.I will coach you on what to say.Mr. Jones will coach the football team this year.If you mean the person who coaches, here are some sentences.Coach Brown told me to do twenty laps.Always listen to your coach.

How do you use the word demonstrate in a sentence?

The coach demonstrated to the team how to hold a bat correctly.

How can you use tenor in a sentence?

The winning coach's tenor was quite different than his counterpart.

How do you use excuse me in a sentence?

Without a doctor's note, the coach won't excuse me from practice.

How would you use the word adulterous in a sentence?

I caught my ADULTEROUS wife sleeping with her tennis coach.

How do you use the word martinet in a sentence?

His first basketball coach had been a loud and demeaning martinet.

Do you capitalize coach in the sentence I like coach Jennings?

When it's part of the title, it needs to be capitalized. I like Coach Jennings. In the following sentence you wouldn't need to capitalize coach. My coach is Mr. Jennings.

How do you use mimesis in a sentence?

The word mimesis means to be an imitation. A great example sentence for this word would be, she did not know her coach purse was a mimesis.