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Then use electrolysis to transfer all the copper from the impure anode to the cathode.

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Q: How do you use electrolysis in a sentence?
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What do we use electrolysis for in everyday life?

Any use of electrolysis in everyday life of an appartment.

Did john Dalton use electrolysis directly?


How will you determine the purity of some metals?

use electrolysis

What is the name of a process by which water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen?

It's an example of electrolysis. Not unwanted hair removal, but that does use the same process. Electrolysis is the process of breaking down compounds by running an electric current through them.

Why do you use molten NaCl in electrolysis instead of an aqueous solution of NaCl?

Molten salt electrolysis is used to obtain sodium and chlorine. Electrolysis of the water solution is used to obtain sodium hydroxide and hydrogen.

How do you Purify the yogurt using electrolysis method?

use a spoon.

What is a process that uses electric current to break chemical bonds?

electrolysis electro is electrical power lysis is latin for breakdown

What event must take place to separate a compound into separate elements?

electrolysis electrolysis electrolysis electrolysis electrolysis

Aluminum and titanium were do you get from?

You extract it form its ore. For titanium you use the kroll process and for aluminum you use electrolysis.

Why do not compounds undergo electrolysis?

Compounds DO undergo electrolysis

What is the name of the process for splitting apart compounds using electricity?

It is electrolysis becouse its a chemical reaction in which an electrical current is used to decompose a compound

When a substance is decomposed by an electric current what type of reaction does it have?

This is electrolysis of a molten compound.