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i went on an expedition

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Use the word expedition in a sentence?

Our expedition to the Artic was delayed because of the weather.

What does a simple sentence use?

A simple sentence uses a subject and a verb..

How do you use expedition in a sentence?

Expedition is another word for journey and can be used in the following example:''My expedition to the desert was hot and empty.''

How do use Expedition in a sentence?

Lewis & Clark went on an expedition to explore the new addition to the United States.

How do you use the word simple machine in a sentence?

A typewriter is a simple machine that people can use.

How do you use the word primogeniture in a sentence?

simple: "How do you use the word primogeniture in a sentence?"<---that is a complete sentence. its go:t a verb(use) subject(you?) preprositional phrase(in a sentence) and a preprosition(in).

How would you use adversity in a sentence?

on the polar expedition the team met with great adversity

How do you use the word naturalist in a sentence?

He also works as a naturalist on expedition cruises to the poles.

How do you use cudgel in sentence?

A cudgel is a simple weapon.

What kind of a sentence would you use if there is question like how did he respond?

This is simple question. It may be answered in a simple sentence; He responded politely.

Use the word deceptively in a sentence?

Example sentence - The simple dessert was deceptively delicious.

A sentence for expedition?

Expedition in the himalayas and previously unpublished in their entirety.

What is the definition of the term simple sentence?

A simple sentence is a sentence with one clause expressing a single thought. This sentence is a simple sentence. This sentence, though similar to the first, is not a simple sentence.

How can you use politics in a sentence?

Okay... Here's a simple one... When I turn 21 I will contribute in politics. Simple and lame but it's a sentence right?

How would you use perceive in simple sentence?

Today at school we had a easy teacher, school was simple.

How can you use microbiologist in a sentence?

you dont its a very simple step

How do you use partake in a sentence?

We were pleased to partake of their simple meal.

How do you use valid in a simple sentence?

My drivers' license is valid.

How do you use period in a sentence?

Always punctuate a simple declarative sentence by putting a period at the end.

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