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The word 'individualism' is a noun, a word for the characteristic or principle of being independent and self-reliant; the belief that the freedom of individual people is more important than the needs of society or the government; a word for a thing.

A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.

Example sentences:

  • Your individualism sets you apart from the crowd. (subject of the sentence)
  • The reaction that individualism evokes can be positive or negative, depending on the situation. (subject of the relative clause)
  • The instructor stressed individualism in order to develop our own personal strengths. (direct object of the verb 'stressed')
  • Seen from a distance, the herd of zebra does not embody the concept of individualism. (object of the preposition 'of')
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I would consider myself to be an individual

i.e. i am unique

basically meaning one

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Q: How do you use individualism in a sentence?
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What is individualism instruction?

Individualism instruction is when a teacher uses their own technique to teach a classroom, apart from what others are doing. Individualism instruction can use teaching materials or just words.

Can you give me a good sentence for individualism?

Usually there are no special centers for people who think individually,a little of good realistic ones. But often there is no one who can raise his voice in favour of individualism.

What is a good topic sentence for Individualism?

This is very good topic: Individulism is all about celebrating diversity

When was The Politics of Individualism created?

The Politics of Individualism was created in 1993.

What does rugged individualism mean?

Individualism in social and economic affairs.

Is Nigeria relation individualism or collectivism in their culture?

individualism is not part of our culture

Who said rugged individualism?

herbert hoover in his rugged individualism speech in 1928

When was The Individualism of Gil Evans created?

The Individualism of Gil Evans was created in -196-04.

What is fragmented individualism?


What is individualism in sculptors?

Sculptors whose work expresses individualism in their themes and show artistic integrity in their artwork follow the principles of individualism. sculptors who show man as a heroic being are individualistic.

What was Tocqueville and concern with individualism in America?

zsdasdcasdsdasrf aer Tocqueville understands individualism as where mankind becomes selfish.

What books has literary themes of sentimentalism individualism and a respect for nature?

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand has a theme of individualism