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She lives life in the fast lane.

He was driving down a two-lane highway.

Clark Kent was in love with Lois Lane. : )

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Q: How do you use lane in a sentence?
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How do you use memory lane in a sentence?

When I was walking down memory lane I remembered...

How do you use merged in a sentence?

The car merged into the next lane.

How do you use the word swerved in a sentence?

The bus swerved into my lane.

How use abrupt in a sentence?

The motorcyclist made an abrupt lane change.

How do you use drift in a sentence?

To use drift in a sentence a person might say, "The snow is blowing and starting to drift". A person could also say, "The car started to drift into my lane".

How do you use meander in a sentence?

When the car in front of me started to meander in and out of our lane, I suspected that the driver might be impaired.

Do you capalize westbound lane in a sentence?

No. "Westbound" is simply an adjective and "Lane" is not a proper noun.

How would you use the word lane in a sentence?

The highway was composed of four lanes each way. The bowling lane was slick for the bowling balls to roll with ease. We lived on Forest Lane for 26 years.

How do you use the word 'converged' in a sentence?

The four lane highway converged into two lanes near the construction zone. Use it as past tense of converge.

When making a right turn onto a multiple lane street which lane you can use?

You should use the right most lane.

Are phrases sentences?

No, they are not. An example of a sentence is 'There is a man down the lane.' A phrase might be 'man down the lane'.

What is improper lane use in Louisiana?

There are a number of things that could be considered improper lane use in Louisiana. Driving down the wrong lane can be considered improper lane usage.

A sentence using where?

Candy Lane is where the elves live.

Is lane capitalized in a sentence?

If you are talking in general terms, then no: "He ran down the lane." If you are talking about a name, then yes: "He ran down Seaview Lane."

What do lane use lights mean?

lane line grabage

What is a bike lane?

A bike lane is another term for a bicycle lane or cycle lane - a part of a roadway designed for use by cyclists.

What is a good sentence using Handsomely?

Example sentence - I watched as the horses handsomely trotted down the lane.

How do you use the word monstrous in a sentence?

The mess that the dog made was monstrous. There was a monstrous truck coming toward me on the one-lane road.

Can overarching be use in a sentence?

You've just described my overarching goal. These trees' overarching branches keep the lane cool in the summertime.

What is a bicycle lane?

A bicycle lane is a part of a roadway designated for use by cyclists.

How do you make a sentence with the word NARROW?

There was a narrow lane at the end of the street.

What is the verb and subject in this sentence Roadrunner stands in lane four?


When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should?

When driving on a four lane highway or freeway you should use the right hand land or 'thru lane' except when passing. If the right hand lane is designated for slower traffic or for exiting traffic, you'd use the lane to the left of it.

On a three way motorway which lane should you use?

If you are a normal car you should use the middle lane unless you are turning of.

Can you use carpool lane while pregnant?

If you are carpooling. If you are asking if a fetus qualifies a solitary woman to use the carpool lane, then no.

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