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nobody know what that word means

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Q: How do you use linen in a sentence?
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How would you use the word linen in a sentence?

This is a soft linen.

How do you use the word linen in a sentence?

You will he given freshly laundered bed linen with which to make up your bed.

What is a sentence for linen?

Some people like linen trousers, but I find they crease too easily.

Sentence for shroud?

He was buried in a linen shroud.

How do you use the word linen a sentence?

Bracken and male fern were gathered from the woods during the 17th and 18th centuries, and burned to make potash for bleaching linen. BYE BYE MRS HUNTER

What did ancient Egyptians use to plug the eye sockets of a mummy?

linen linen

Can you wear linen shirts in the fall?

we use to wear linen in WINTERS OR SUMMERS

What did use to wrap mummies?

Ancient Egyptians used a material called linen.

What is the difference between organic linen or non organic linen?

Linen is a fabric made from plant fibers. Organic linen refers to linen that is made from plants that have been grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

What is a sentence using the woed covetous?

The old woman fingered the linen with covetous hands.

What was the use for a small rectangular linen?


What was woven to make linen in Egyptian times?

you use flax to make linen. The ancient Egyptians used linen for their clothes and for embalming mummies.