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How much do you get paid?

I paid too much for my shoes.
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Q: How do you use paid in a sentence?
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How do you use the word paid in a sentence?

He was paid his allowance today.

How to Use servants' in a sentence?

a servant works for someone and gets paid

How can you use obeisance in a sentence?

The people paid obeisance to their god by kneeling.

How would you use fare in a sentence?

He paid the cab fare in cash.

How do you use domain in a sentence?

Example sentence - He paid more for the domain name than he should have.

How do you use wench in a sentence?

the wench was paid vary little to work in the kitchen.

How do you use the word drachmas in a sentence?

All citizens were paid with 50 drachmas.

How do you use the word 'senior' in a sentence?

Example sentence - I took my grandmother out for dinner and paid the lower senior amount for her meal.

How do you use the word tenant in a sentence?

He was a good tenant and always paid the rent on time.

How do you use stipendin a sentence?

His small stipend, for working at the library, was paid each month.

How do you use beholden in a sentence?

I will always beholden to my parents because they paid for my college education.

How do you use mortgage in a sentence?

He was fortunate enough not to need a mortgage and paid for the house outright from his savings.