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How much do you get paid?

I paid too much for my shoes.
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Q: How do you use paid in a sentence?
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How do you use the word paid in a sentence?

He was paid his allowance today.

How do you use astound in a sentence?

It will astound you how much I paid for these shoes.

How can you use obeisance in a sentence?

The people paid obeisance to their god by kneeling.

How would you use fare in a sentence?

He paid the cab fare in cash.

How to Use servants' in a sentence?

a servant works for someone and gets paid

How do you use wench in a sentence?

the wench was paid vary little to work in the kitchen.

How do you use the word drachmas in a sentence?

All citizens were paid with 50 drachmas.

How do you use beholden in a sentence?

I will always beholden to my parents because they paid for my college education.

How do you use stipendin a sentence?

His small stipend, for working at the library, was paid each month.

How do you use condoled in a sentence?

I paid a visit to him after the death of his mother, to insure that he be condoled in his grief.

How do you use the word tenant in a sentence?

He was a good tenant and always paid the rent on time.

How do you use the word defaulted in a sentence?

He wasn't paid that month, so he defaulted on his debt.

How do you use mortgage in a sentence?

He was fortunate enough not to need a mortgage and paid for the house outright from his savings.

Use underlying in a sentence pretty please?

I wonder what his underlying motive was when he paid Jan's debts.

How do you use the word 'senior' in a sentence?

Example sentence - I took my grandmother out for dinner and paid the lower senior amount for her meal.

How do you use word paid off in a sentence?

"After waiting for months for materials to build the new house, the work finally paid off" - The term 'paid off' simply means that it was worth the wait.

Can you use the word spartan in a sentence?

The fierce spartan defended his city like he was getting paid to fight.

How do you use pay period in a sentence?

There are 26 pay periods where I work as I get paid every two weeks.

How do you use annuities in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.Their annuities paid them dividends.Everyone contributed to their annuities.

How can you use the word ecstatic in a sentence?

His parents were just ecstatic when he was awarded a fully paid scholarship to Harvard.

Use per diem in a sentence?

Traveling sales reps and government workers often are paid a per diem.

How would you use enclose in a sentence?

Please enclose a check for all monies due in the pre-paid envelope

How do you use steal and steel in a sentence?

John is going to steal the pipes made of steel if he doesn't get paid soon.

Can I Use NO at the beginning of a sentence?

No attention should be paid to those who are superstitious about which words may begin a sentence. No way, Hosea ! No matter what, keep looking straight ahead.

What is the pronoun Gordon went to the store and paid for the groceries?

There are no pronouns in the example sentence.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.There are three nouns in the example sentence.The same sentence using pronouns in place of the nouns:He went to the store and paid for the groceries.Gordon went to it and paid for the groceries.Gordon went to the store and paid for them.