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When using pneumatic hammers a small drop-off in air pressure can lead to dramatic reductions capacity.

Be careful when using pneumatics.

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The machine in the office was pneumatic. It was operated on air by the operator.

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Q: How do you use pneumatic in a sentence?
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What is an example of a sentence with pneumatic?

Pneumatic is a type of gas!

What is a pneumatic fluid?

Air. Pneumatic systems use compressed air.

When pneumatic system are use?

There are two types of pneumatic systems currently used in naval aircraft

What are the fluids used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems?

Pneumatic systems use air or an inert gas. Hydraulic systems use water or oil.

What type of brake fluid does the pneumatic ABS system use?

Pneumatic = Air! There are brake systems that use a combination of both pneumatic and hydraulic components. In those combination braking systems you would use the hydraulic brake fluid that the manufacture specifies.

What machines use pneumatic tube systems?

A variety of automation systems use pneumatic tubes to move material via puffs of air. Bank systems still use them. In the Denver Airport, large pneumatic tubes move aircraft parts around the terminals.

Do hydraulic systems depend on air pressure?

Not usually. Hydraulic systems use fluids. Pneumatic systems use gas.

What are those tubes that the banks use?

Pneumatic tube

Why are the pneumatic transmitters are still in use?

pneaumatic transmiter

How do pneumatic tube systems work?

Pneumatic tube systems today are most seen at the drive-through windows of banks. Pneumatic tubes use pressured air to push a sealed object through the system. how do pneumatic truck trailers work?

Why were pneumatic tires invented?

In 1895, André Michelin was the first person to use pneumatic tires. those make the ride smoother.

4 examples of a pneumatic device?

erm.... Pneumatic Drill Pneumatic Cylinder Pneumatic Actuator Pneumatic Switch Pneumatic Nailgun Pneumatic Air gun Pneumatic Launcher Bit more than four, but now you can choose, hope this helps,