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How do you use the mettler balance p1200?

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October 19, 2007 1:50AM

The balance first needs to be set on a sturdy surface. It then needs to be leveled according to the "bulls eye" type level on the top by using the leveling legs on the bottom of the balance.

You also need to make sure all the knobs are set to zero.

Plug it in and flip the switch on the front of the balance. You should see a scale illuminated in the greenish-tinted window on the front. If you don't see any numbers, you likely need to focus optical scale using one of the red knobs on the back-just turn until it looks sharp.

Now, looking at the scale on the front, you should see a black line, as well as several white lines, each of which corresponds to a number. The black line should be aligned with the white line corresponding to zero If it's not, adjust the knob marked "0" on the top right of the balance.

Put your object to be weighed on the pan. The optical scale should flip to where it says "+". Begin turning the knob on the left one click at a time until the optical scale flips to showing number(if the optical scale shows a minus sign, you need to back off one click, as you've gone too far).

Then, adjust the knob on the right until the black line lines up perfectly with one of the white marks on the optical scale.

Once this is done, you can read off the mass of the object on the pan. Just read across, taking the number dial on the left, the optical scale reading, and the number dial on the right.

Finally, reset everything to zero and you're ready to weigh another object.

It's actually quite simple with some practice. We have several of this style balance at my school, as well as some analytical balances which work a in a very similar fashion. I typically prefer to use these to the electronic balances, as they're nearly as fast, just as accurate, and there's never a line to be able to use one.