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How do you use the set career cheat in sims3?


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October 05, 2011 12:29AM

Ok this is one of my favorites! I will even be nice and include a little bonus: A secret cheat that i'm sure only i found out; and i am gonna tell you it!

Ok first i will answer your question: How do you use the set career cheat in the Sims3 PC? Well Here's the answer:

Press ctr,l shift,and c all at the same time to make the console window appear. In this box time in the following: testingcheatsenabled true

This will activate testing cheats, a cheat that is lets say very sneaky!

To set career, hold shift and click the mailbox

You can do a TON of goofy antics with this handy!

And you can set whatever career you want to whatever level of it you like! AND have every outfit available in your dresser for work.


Q: How can you make a child or a teen work in the Sims3?

A: Simple! With testing cheats enabled you can do this. It isn't a short process but it isn't a long one.

Step one: Hold Shift and click your child or teen sim

Step two: Make them a Young Adult in create a sim

Step three: Set their career on the mailbox

Step four: Repeat step one

Step five: Make them a child or a teen

Step six: Ride around town as a teen superstar or child prodigy in your slick limo!!!!

How to become a level ten gardener in just a few Sims days!

Press ctrl shift c

Type in Buydebug

Go to build/buy mode

Click on the ? section

Plot fully grown plants in your Sim's backyard

Have your Sim ''Tend Garden'' for days straight this requires testing cheats so you can make your needs static by holding shift and clicking the mailbox. This makes them rarely in need of anything really.

When your Sim is level ten, TELL ME!!!!! HAHAHA

And also please recommend this answer and this is the right answer so please trust it!