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The pill Trigestrel is a contraceptive. This pill is taken once a month, orally, like many other contraceptive pills on the market.

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Yes, you can take the birth control pill at any time of the day when you feel sure you can remember consistently.

i dnt knw hey but i went to a doctor the other day becuase my periods has just stopped and she told me trigestrel will balance my hormone aparently trigestrel contains progesterone and eostrogen hormones and can help to improve your skin problems i am giving it a go see how it works out then

It's a birth control pill so it shouldn't on the week off. You still have to bleed once a month. Never take any pills without getting it form your doctor with careful instructions on how it works.

what is pill zulide use for

why do i feel nauseas on the family plaining tablet

The person that takes the sleeping pill

No. no you cannot. if you are already on birth control and you use the morning after pill because you forgot to take your pill you still must take the pill. if you aren't on birth control but you had unprotected sex and want to use the morning after pill to protect you from that one case it's a good idea. but you can't always use it. it isn't 100% effective and you should really just use condoms or get on the pill.

you need not use an oral contraceptive pill, during the break of a week of your pill. You can ask your partner to use a condom for that night.

Yes, I want a pill to use for sex to last for long time.

the pill will stop you from getting pregnant but it wont stop you from getting a sexual disease - if you trust your partner then you dont need to use condoms while you are on the pill

No, there is a morning after pill, but once you are pregnant (the embryo has embedded), you need an abortion.

If the patch is not the nicotine patch and the pill is not aspirin, no.

Not a bit - that's why you need to always use a condom as well as the pill.

There are several pills it could be, depending on the color, shape, and other characteristics of the pill. To find out what any pill is by the imprints, go to and use the "pill identifier"

If he has an STI. Otherwise no.

yes you should because the pill is not 100% and it don't protect you from std's.

You get a cup of water, put the pill in your mouth and drink all the water; swallowing the pill.

i doubt anything will work as a substitute to the morning after pill, i suggest you go asap to your gp get a prescription for the mornign after pill or just go to your parmacy and get the morning after pill.

I use Then click "pill identifier" or something like that. It has every prescription pill known to man.

Yes, its just a sugar pill, it contains not any medicine. The only use of them is to keep you in the habit of taking a pill daily.

If you are on a tri phasic pill, missing the pill at the beginning is wose than missing a pill towrds the end of your cycle. To be sure use condoms as a backup till you start your next pack. The pill efficacy rate of 99.98% is based on perfect error free use. Every slip up like missing a pill or taking a pill late lower how effective the pill is at preventing pregnancy.

You should consider it as a missed pill. Take one pill as soon as you realize, and then the next pill at the usual time. Use a back up method for the next seven days.

No; if you took the pill as prescribed, then breakthrough bleeding isn't a sign that the pill is not effective. Breakthrough bleeding is a side effect common in the first three months of pill use.

to turn a pill into powder form, there is a series of things you can do: you can use your teeth, you can put the pill in a bag of any sort of material and take a hammer and bang the bagged pill until its crushed, you can use a morter and pestle(a small one), or, try putting the pill between two spoons, and squeeze .your welcome!