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How do you use vaccines?

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There are oral vaccines and injectable vaccines.

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Can you get vaccines that don't use aborted fetuses in manufacturing?

No vaccines are made this way. None.

How do you use vaccines in a sentence?

The school nurse contacted me because my child's vaccines are not up to date.

Who discovered vaccines?

Edward jenner is considered the first person to use and study vaccines..Hope that helps

When an athlete fails a drug test it is due to use of?


Explain how vaccines work and evaluate their use?

vaccines work by getting injected by the vaccine and then when your body recives it starts protecting itself and makes antibodies

What are live vaccines?

Live vaccines are vaccines which are prepared from living organisms. These vaccines are commonly ingested and not injected to fight viruses in the body. .

How do vaccines protect the body from diseases?

A vaccines helps because they put some of the disease in your body then your body can get use to it so if you get that disease your body can easily fight it out of you!

If canine vaccines are not cold can they still be given and will they still protect against illnesses?

If the vaccines are supposed to be kept refrigerated until use, they are worthless if they are no longer cold.

Are there vaccines to prevent STD?

There are too many STD to prepare vaccines for. You should refrain from promiscuous sexual contacts. You must use the condom when not husband and wife.

What is a killed virus vaccines?

Vaccines made with "killed" viruses are called "Inactivated" vaccines.

When do you use vaccines?

Vaccines are used to prevent infectious diseases. You use them before you get sick to avoid illness. Some vaccines are for use seasonally (e.g., flu vaccines) and some are used only at certain ages in the normal vaccination schedules. It depends very much on the type of vaccine and the diseases they are intended to prevent, the age of the patient, and the location where the patient lives and/or travels. Your health care professional can provide you a listing of the recommended types of and times for the vaccinations recommended for you.

What is used as vaccines?

Vaccines use a weakened or inert version of the disease, in order to stimulate the body's natural defenses should it come into contact with a more potent form.

What are edible vaccines?

Edible vaccines are vaccines produced in plants genetically modified through bioengineering.

What are some common uses of protists?

The most common use of protists is for vaccines.

Is antibiotic external use only?

Both, because its for Vaccines and regular medicine.

What disease has been completely destroyed because of the use of vaccines?

small pox

Is the vaccine still used today?

Many vaccines are still in use today.

How are eggs used for vaccines?

They use the eggs to fertilize the H1N1 strain. But the H1N1 strain did not culture as well, telling use that the shot is not the exact same as the normal flu vaccine. And that is why people with egg allergies are cautioned not to get the vaccines.

Are vaccines used to treat viruses or bacteria?

Vaccines don't actually treat either one. Vaccines are used to PREVENT disease. Most vaccines protect against viruses, but there are some for bacteria, as well.

What agency approved swine flu vaccines?

In the US it was the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in Europe it was the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) who approved the H1N1/09 vaccines for use.

Why do people support vaccines?

Vaccines are good for us!!

Which vaccines were first tested on animals?

IV vaccines..

Do vaccines cause AIDS?

Vaccines do not cause AIDS.

What is the most recent vaccines to come out?

The most recent vaccines to come out, is the H1N1 aka SWINE FLU vaccines.

Do pediatricians use needles?

* yes, but only when needed. like vaccines and other tests.