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just put a layer of it on which ever part of the body your planning to remove the hair from and wait a couple of minutes, rinse with water :) the instructions are there anyways.

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Q: How do you use veet hair removal cream?
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How do you get rid of the red bumps on your legs after veet hair removal cream?

Im not sure i use veet hair removal cream and i have red blotches the size of golf balls

Can you use veet cream on your stomach?

Yes, you can use it but obviously not the cream that says veet facial cream or anything like that the veet body hair removal cream which would say arms,legs, underarm , bikini line will be the one u can use on your stomach and back if you have back hair as for me I dnt need to use anything on my body cuz I'm hair free arms legs underarms and where ever else hope I've gave the best help possibly.

Can you use Veet hair removal cream on your vagina?

You can use it around and on top to remove the hair but don't get any on your clit! It will swell up and hurt like hell! Just be careful not to get it there

Explain what the junction diode switching times are?

Junction diode are made up of pn junction or pn diodes it takes more energy to formation of veet hair removal cream always use veet hair removal cream for better sex

What makes Veet products unique?

Veet offers a range of products for hair removal. Smooth and shiny skin is a dream of every girl and Veet endeavors to give the best results for hair depilation. You can use Veet hair removal products for legs, underarms, body and bikini line. The best part is it is available for all types of skin including sensitive skin. Veet hair depilatory creams prepares surfaces in fewer minutes and removes hair from its roots. It is painless and easy to use product.

What is the good brand to use for hair removal?

You can use Veet. It is a premier brand in hair removal and easily available in supermarkets in Saudi Arabia. They have both wax strips and hair removal creams and that too for different skin types.

What hair removal creams are highly rated?

Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream designed for dry skin with Shea butter and Lily is highly rated for keeping legs smooth after use and is very effective for hair removal. All customer reviews claimed it was very effective against problematic hair and leaving the skin smooth without leaving any bumps from use.

Will face hair removal cream work on your armpit hair?

Many women use a delipatory cream (hair removal cream) to remove underarm hair. Shaving and waxing are also options.

Where do you put hair removal cream?

Apply hair removal cream on the area that you want the hair to be removed. Test hair removal cream on a small area of your skin before using. If you experienced irritations and burns do not use the product on the sensitive area.

Is hair removal cream safe for skin?

"The companies that market hair removal creams say that its safe for use, however I personally don't use hair removal cream, because I don't want a chemical that burns hair off seeping into my pores."

How do you get rid of under arm hair?

Use a trusted hair removal cream ..

You don't want to shave your legs so what can you do?

Use veet removal cream (just make sure u dont get an allergic reaction 2 it) waxing ?? :)