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you pick what team you want him to be on then you go to play mode then you fine the team that you put him on then choose the that team and when you play you'll see him

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go to rosters, then trade a player from your created team to whatever team you put your created player on.

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Once you have made the player draft them to your team that you put them on, go to options and team management switch your player on top and there you go a created player all to yourself.

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Q: How do you use your created player in Madden NFL 07?
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Can you use created players in online franchise for Madden NFL 10?

Yes, you can use created players in "Online Franchise" on Madden NFL 2010.

Can you make your created team use a created play book in madden nfl 2006?

push x y L1

How do you create a team roster in Madden NFL 07?

When you create a team, Madden NFL 07 Lets you pick a real NFL Roster to be on your Created team or you can create players by going to roster and create player

What controllers can you use with Madden NFL 11 for wii?

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How do you pass on madden NFL 08 for sony psp?

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How do you use EA rewind in madden NFL on DS?

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What is the code for madden NFL 12 online?

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How do you find Madden codes for madden NFL 09?

Go to and try that. Another good website i use often is Awsome cite codes for every game and console

How do you create a player on madden 11 for wii?

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How do you use madden cards on madden 09?

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How do you use madden cards in madden 07 for psp?

Go on my madden and then you will see madden cards.