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Just Press The man near the place where u write..then pick place like ur unitz and press enterr..

HERE U GO!! xD Peeps wil come

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Q: How do you visit a friend unitz on woozworld?
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How do you go off a unitz in woozworld?

click on another unitz ...

How can i sell my unitz in woozworld?

You can't sell your Unitz in woozworld; if you spent money on a unitz and do not want it anymore, you can not sell it, you will just have to trash it. Supposedly, you can sell your unitz now, but I have not learned how yet.

How do you rename unitz on woozworld?

You go to your unitz, and click the top left icon. Then follow the instructions.

Where do you get lockers in woozworld?

Buy them in my unitz! And add me, i am adorible4

How do you title you unitz in woozworld?

click the "edit" button then click the "unitz picture" at the first of the column.. then click the chat bar then type your unitz name

Where can you get a basket nator in woozworld?

In Defenz HQ unitz in Woozworld. Thx and plz be my boyfriend on woozworld if you are a boy thx! -----------VIP----

What is the prize for the heart mirror in woozworld?

The prize is a heart unitz

Why can't I put stuff in my unitz on woozworld?

try freshing it

What is the code on woozworld for heart unitz?

It's max&jenny2gether4ever

Where are the ten eggs in woozworld?

There in the ten biggest unitz on wooz world

How do you make a visitors pass on woozworld for your unitz?

Go to the locksmith on The Avenue

What do you get if you answer correctly the secret password shared by two lovers in woozworld?

a unitz