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go to the radio tower in lavender town and talk to the director :) he's the one staring at the wall. he will give you an expn card for your pack, which will let you tune into the radio station with pokeflute music. play this music in front of snorlax to wake him up :D

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What is the latest beta of Pokemon Shiny Gold?

beta 5

Who made Pokemon shiny gold?

A hacker named Zel who hacked Pokemon fire-red and Pokemon gold to create Pokemon shiny gold...which is currently at a beta 5 stage, beta 6 will be comming out soon (the last beta will be beta 7;then he finishes the game).

Where do you get the silver wing on Pokemon shiny gold?

It doesn't exist in the beta.

Where to go to get a pokeflute Pokemon shiny gold?

You need to get the kanto radio chip in your pokegear and go up to snorlax and put the dot right a the top and then talk to snorlax. P.S it is called pokemon heart gold

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon shiny gold?

You just have to save in front of it and if it isn't shiny just reset the game.It may take a while though.

What level does Snorlax evolve in Pokemon gold?

Snorlax does not evolve. In gold, it is a non-evolutionary pokemon.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon shiny gold?

in heart gold/soul silver you get the radio device for that region and aim the radio channel near the mid top and it will play flue music. Do that by the snorlax.

Which are the legend Pokemon in Pokemon shiny gold version?

Pokemon shiny gold is not a real game but it was supposed to be shiny ho-oh

How do you get the three legendary in Pokemon shiny gold?

What is shiny gold?!

Does anybody know when Pokemon shiny gold beta 6 will be released?

you must ask zel(creator) i dont know

How do you get a gold Magikarp in Pokemon emerald?

A gold magikarp is a shiny Pokemon. a shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon with an altered color. the chances of finding a shiny is 1/8192 or a 0.0122%

Where do you catch a bagon on Pokemon shiny gold?

whats shiny gold

Has Pokemon shiny gold beta 6 been released?

Pokemon Heart gold is to be released in the UK around December 2010. It is an upgraded version of the 9 year old Pokemon gold and is set to be one of the greatest Pokemon games ever with an estimated rating of 94%. Along with Heart gold will be Soul silver. These are the games official names not shiny gold and shiny silver. It will cost £30. Hope my answer helped! Well this is embarrassing... Shiny Gold is a Pokemon ROM hack... Not an actual game... To answer the question, yes. The final version, Pokemon ShinyGold X, has been released and is around...

How do you clone Pokemon on Pokemon shiny gold gba rom?

There is no Game Boy Advance Pokemon Shiny Gold game.

Where is the sleeping snorlax in Pokemon Gold?

Snorlax is found at the intersection of routes 11 and 12.

When will Pokemon shiny gold come out for th ds?

Pokemon shiny gold can be only be played on the computer

How can use Pokemon shiny gold cheats?

fire red cheats do not work on Pokemon shiny gold

What is Pokemon shiny gold?

Pokemon Shiny Gold is a hack of Pokémon FireRed created by Zel. The reason why it's called Pokemon Shiny Gold is because it's an unofficial remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

How do you get all Tm's in Pokemon Shiny Gold? should download Pokemon shiny gold then copy this link then search some Pokemon shiny gold cheats!!!

Can you battle Snorlax twice in heart gold?

Yes, you can. Every time you defeat the elite four, any pokemon that are special will reappear like the level 30 shiny gardose. Same thing goes with sudowoodo and snorlax.

How do you remove the stone inside the dragon's den in Pokemon shiny gold version?

I have tried many ways but none of them worked so in my opinion you will be able to move the stone in Beta 6 of shiny gold hoped it helped

Can you finish Pokemon shiny gold?

No! and I already try that game but I'm stuck, I can't enter to the Pokemon league Not yet;It`s currently on Beta 5,if I`m not mistaken.It`ll probably end on Beta 7.

Has Pokemon Shiny Gold Beta 6 been released if so can somebody give me a downoad link just not one that you have to pay for?

not yet. beta 5 is the latest so far.

Where is the Tm Aerial Ace in Pokemon Shiny Gold Beta 5?

Up your butt and around the corner Up your butt and around the corner

How can you download Pokemon shiny gold beta 6?

Its impossible at now, Zel the creater of the hack ROM is working on it. Inside of, it not finished yet