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Insert it in DVD driver and it will play with the media player you set for DVD player. Like powerDVD, kmplayer.

:Some Intel/Windows machines came from the factory with a DVD decoder included (Windows98, ME, 2000 and XP). If the DVD doesn't start on it's own, check to see if the decoder was included in any discs that came with the machine. If not, there are freeware and retail programs available for playing the disc.

Any recent Mac (since OS/X) will fire up and play 'DVD Player' automatically when a disc is put into the drive. Before OS/X only a few Macs could play/use DVDs.

Some Unixes and Linuxes included DVD support, others do not. Check the computer's documentation for more info or the manufacturer's website.

:In order to play a DVD, your computer needs to have a specific set of instructions in order to decode the compression used to store the images. These are typically referred to as codecs(Code/Decode). There are some free codec packs that will allow you to play DVD's on your computer, but newer drives incorporate copyright technology that may cause that to fail. The simplest answer is that you need DVD playback software, such as WinDVD or PowerDVD.
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Q: How do you watch a movie DVD on your computer?
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How do you watch a movie DVD on computer?

1st: put the DVD in

Can you watch DVD movie with out satellite connection?

Yes, all you need is a DVD player and a televison. Or you could watch it on a computer with a DVD drive.

Do computers remember DVDs you watch on them?

No, once you take the DVD out of the computer the computer will not be able to watch what's on the DVD.

How do you watch a movie on a usbkey to an xbox360?

You cant. If the movie is on your computer, burn the movie to a DVD-R and you will be able to play it on your Xbox 360. Recommended software to burn movies to DVD - Sothink movie maker

How can you watch free blockbuster movies on your computer?

You watch blockbuster movies on your computer by putting a blockbuster DVD into your DVD player

How do you watch a movie on the computer except for youtube?

You can either A, put a DVD (or a blu-ray that might also work) into the computer and watch it or B, search for films online and stuff and watch it there. You can also get films from iTunes.

Can you watch DVDs on the macboock air?

As there is no built in DVD drive in the MacBook Air your options are: - purchase a separate DVD drive to plug-in to the computer - wirelessly connect to another computer (Mac OS or WIndows) which is able to share their DVD drive. - join the 21st century and watch a movie from online sources such as iTunes.

Is DVD need a hard drive to be read?

yes a DVD does there is hardly no way u can watch a movie from a DVD with out a Harddrive, a Harddrive is what Run's ur computer with out it, it surely wont work at all

How to Copy movie files from a DVD to a computer?

Use a DVD Copying software.

How do you put a DVD on the computer?

You just have to put it in where the CD's and discs go. If you're trying to watch a movie then something should pop up after you've put the DVD in.

Where do you go to watch the movie jumper?

You can watch the movie jumper in the movie houses, in DVD's or in the internet.

How can you play a movie on mac PC?

With the correct software you can watch a DVD on any computer (try getting vlc media player)

How do you watch Harry Potter the movie series instantly on your PC?

You buy the DVD's then play them on your computer. Any online source is illegal.

How do you cut a DVD file in vista?

This question could use a little more defining. Are you trying to get video from a DVD, or is the video file on your computer? What format is the video in?If it is on a DVD, and you bought the DVD, then it is illegal to do anything to that movie except watch it. If the movie file is on your pc, the you can open Windows Movie Maker, import the video, then do what ever you want to it.

How do you know what movies are legal to watch for free?

when the movie is on a DVD its legal but when a movie just got in a movie theatre or is turning into a DVD its allegal to watch on the net. you can pay for the movie on the net and then it wont be allegal.

How can you watch a DVD-R?

A DVD-R is a type of disc. It does not contain any data when purchased, and it does not dictate what type of data is put on it. Assuming the data on it can be "watched", you could either put it in a standard DVD player (if burned as a movie DVD) or double-click the files on it on your computer.

How do you watch a movie on your DVD player?

insert dvd into dvd player and press play :L

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you cant but you can watch the movie on DVD.

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It is out on DVD

How can you burn AVI movie files in a DVD to watch in your DVD player?

Use a Video to DVD Burner to convert and burn movie files to DVDs.

Where can you watch up the movie?

You can watch Up on Blu-Ray or DVD if you buy it from a retail store or watch the movie on cable television. Check your local cable television providers for more. I would not suggest downloading the movie as it is illegal to do so, or watch it for free as the site may release spyware or malware and slow down your computer.

Where can you watch the movie dances with wolves?

You can buy or rent the DVD or watch it on television.

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yeah if you put a dvd on

How do you get a movie in your computer?

well, to insert a dvd in your computer, look for the dvd slot and press the button on or around it to open it and put it in.

How do you watch videos on a PS2 game on a computer?

well they have to be a DVD...and for your computer if you have to have a DVD drive or just files downloaded to it with file types like avi...