How do you watch iPod video on tv?

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In iPod
you can use apple TV designed by apple company to connect with your HDMI TV first then the video from ipod can be played to TV via airplay of ipod, i think apple tv is actully TV adapter. it's not so complicated to use.
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How do you play iPod video on your TV?

Answer . You need an iPod dock, use this dock you can connect your iPod to TV and other home stero. You can search ipod dock or ipod accessory on Internet and you will get many.

Do you burn more calories playing video games than watching TV?

If the video game is DDR, or any Wii game that makes you move a lot (like Wii Sports) then yes.. As for other games, they may burn slightly more calories because you're moving your hands, but probably not enough to make a difference in your health.

How do you watch tv on your ipod touch?

You need a special cable made by Apple. When I bought it a couple years ago I paid $50. The cable has four main parts: 1) One flat connector ggoes into the ipod touch. 2) The audio output has one red and one white RCA jack that is for left and right stereo output to the TV 3) The video output has th ( Full Answer )

Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Can a 8GB video ipod watch movies?

It depends on if you have a VIDEO Ipod or not. If you do, then you could. But just keep in mind that each video is 1GB. So if you have (for example) 2 movies, then you only have 2GB left on your Ipod.

Is it possible to put the videos from YouTube or MySpace tv onto your ipod?

1, Download youtube videos. Download Video sharer, Click the " related link " below to get this video converter. 2, Convert the downloaded videos. As iPod doesn't support flv format, so in order to view the downloaded videos on your iPod, Video Sharer support flv to mp4. It can convert FLV to MP4, ( Full Answer )

Is it better to play video games or watch tv when your sick?

Watching T.V. doesn't take as much energy to do as playing video games, and when you're sick you need to conserve as much energy as you can. but video games don't really drain that much more energy, you just have to think more. If you're really sick or just had surgery, you should stick to T.V.

Why can't I watch Videos on my iTunes I can watch all videos movies tv shows music videos and podcasts on my iPod but when I try to watch them on my computer I just get a box with random color?

If you don't have Quick Time, chances are you won't be able to see the videos on iTunes. You can quickly fix this by download the program off of Apple. Now, if you have the program hat's a different story. It may have to do with the memory and performance of your computer. It may also be because the ( Full Answer )

Can you watch movies from your iPod on your TV?

Yes. All you need is a component cable which can be purchased at Radio Shack or Best Buy. Just plug the component cable into your iPod and then to the back of your TV. Make sure you have your iPod settings set to TV Out.

How do you watch online videos on an ipod touch?

Use WI-FI to watch YouTube online. Just tap youtube icon. :-). If you want to watch other online video, like google video, my space or yahoo video, etc, you need to download them and convert to iPod touch compatible.

Can you watch TV on the iPod nano?

that question is debatable. no:: you cannot watch live TV on your iPod nano. yes:: although you can buy television episodes from iTunes and sync them onto your ipod. for example:: if i wanted to watch live ESPN right now, on my iPod nano, that wouldn't be possible. But if i wanted to watch a c ( Full Answer )

Which iPod is best for watching videos on?

The ipod touch/iphone has the largest and highest resolution screen of all ipods, After the ipod touch i would recommend the ipod nano, it also has goood video quality

Who are watching TVs?

TVS, otherwise known as Television Sydney (, is an Australian free-to-air community television channel with an average monthly audience in excess of one million viewers.

How do you watch video on tv from iPhone?

There are apps that can do this, search TV in the app store. is one option that shows broadcasted video from other users. Hulu is a limited access one as well. No live tv app is available though.

Can you watch TV on an iPad and stream internet videos?

You can watch TV under videos(I don't mean short video TV I mean real shows.)You can watch YouTube videos from the Internet (safari) or the new and improved YouTube app exclusively for the iPad. Yes you can watch online movies unless Adobe is needed. You can stream live TV from a computer with a ( Full Answer )

TV on iPod?

TVUPlayer is a paid app which offers 900 international channels. It streams live over a wi-fi connection. There are apps such as "EyeTV" (paid app) and "Live TV" (free app) which require additional Mac-only software. You may also require a TV tuner connected to your Mac to make these apps work. ( Full Answer )

Why does your mind wander while you watch movies and TV or play video games?

Perhaps you have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). People with ADD have trouble concentrating and staying focused. Their minds constantly wander. Most people's minds wander a little bit while watching movies. If they didn't, then at the end of the movie, no one would ever be confused about what hap ( Full Answer )

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.

How do you watch megavideo videos on your iPod touch?

Megavideo's videos are encoded in Flash which is not supported by the iOS software and is unlikely to be supported in the future. This means that you cannot watch Megavideo videos (or any other Flash encoded videos) on your iPod Touch or any other iOS device (iPhone, iPad.)

Why cant i watch online video on ipod?

I don't know.... I have tried so many times and it just doesn't work. The reason because Apple don't allow you to have access to Adobe Reader which is what makes the videos work. Until Apple takes these restrictions away unfortunately, you can't have access to online movies and videos. Hope this ( Full Answer )

Can you watch 3d videos from 2d tv by 3d glasses?

3D Videos using blue-green glasses or blue-red glasses can be watched on an ordinary 2D television, although the effect is quite subtle and destroys the color picture fidelity. 3D videos made for 3D televisions can only be watched on 3D televisions. 3D Blu-Ray discs will only play when connected to ( Full Answer )

Can you watch dowloaded video on tv?

This depends on the TV equipment. A traditional TV set includes a radio frequency receiver and an imaging unit, and cannot play digital videos in whichever format, regardless of the video's origin. More modern TV units are Internet-enabled or, without an active Internet connection capable of playin ( Full Answer )

Why won't my iPod let me watch YouTube videos?

Depending on how old your iPod model is, YouTube may not work foryour device. YouTube is available on most devices, but some olderdevices may not be supported by YouTube any more due to softwarecompatibility issues.

Is playing video games healthier than watching tv?

Neither occupation could be described as heathly, in that they havebenefits to the health of the person persuing them. The closest to a health benefit you might get is psychological, butboth systems could be argued to have both positive and negativepsychological impact. For instance playing a batt ( Full Answer )

Is playing video games worse that watching TV?

Most likely the game is worse. It depends on what your standards,who you ask and how you see the problem. A TV program will end in a short while but a game goes on and letsyou restart right away if you have to. A TV lets you watch sex and violence but a computer game lets youhave a participating rol ( Full Answer )