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How do you wear your baseball pants low?

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If they dont stick or if they are elastic wear them under your shoe Carl Crawford style.

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Does Lady Gaga wear Low-Crotch Capri Pants?

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Is the dress for baseball and softball the same?

No its not. In baseball you wear longs tight pants and in softball you wear shorts.

Where do you wear you sliding pad if you have baseball pants on?

you wear a sliding pad under your pants and on top of your socks. if u put it over your pants then your pants will rub on your leg and give u a rash.

Why do baseball players no longer wear tight baseball pants?

its no longer cool

What do people in Croatia wear for pants?

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What Baseball players wear?

they wear jersey's, hats,socks,belts,cleats,pants,and sometimes necklaces.

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What baseball pants do the pros wear?

They wear majestic pants witch provide their jerseys. Majestic pants are hard to find with the piping on the side. The ones without the piping are online on mostly any sports website

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Why do they wear their pant legs at the knees and not the ankles like in major league baseball?

Why does "who" were their pants legs at the knees? If you mean some minor leaguers, in some cases the major league team dictates how its players must wear their pants on their minor league affiliates. All major leaguers don't wear their pants legs to the ankles. Some wear them only to their knees. There is no set rules for major leagues on where their pants legs must go. Most wear them where they feel most comfortable. Some players who wear their pants legs hige are Soriano of the Cubs, Berkman of the Astros, Varatek of the Red Sox. Some players change from game to game high sometimes, low at other times.

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How do you wear knee high baseball pants?

You pull them up. :D hope this helped :D

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