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Originally the Houston Colt .45s, the Houston Astros are a Major League Baseball team in the National League's Central Division. Ask and answer questions about their players, coaches and much more related to the team here.

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What is the value of a 1989 Houston Astros baseball signed by the whole team?

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A 1985 Toronto Blue Jays Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Stieb, Bell, Fernandez, and Fielder is worth about $100.-$150. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable. If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less

What is the 2017 Houston astros won loss record?

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Through the 2008 season, the Astros all time franchise record is 3738-3747.

Who is current Astros catcher?

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The Catcher who was currently the main Starting Catcher for the 2009 Houston Astros was Chris Coste however his backup Catcher was Humberto Quintero and Humberto Quintero's backup catcher was J.R. Towles.

Where was Jeff Bagwell raised?

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Jeff Bagwell was raised in Killingworth, Connecticut.

What is the Houston Astros nickname?

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Junction Jack has been the Astros' mascot since 2000. He is a rabbit that is about 7 feet tall.

What is the Astros record for the most career Stolen Bases?

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Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season:




1 Ty Cobb 865

2 Donie Bush 400

3 Sam Crawford 317

4 Ron LeFlore 294

5 Alan Trammell 236

6 Kirk Gibson 194

7 George Moriarty 190

8 Bobby Veach 189

9 Charlie Gehringer 181

10 Lou Whitaker 143

11 Davy Jones 140

12 Al Kaline 137

13 Gee Walker 132

14 Germany Schaefer 123

15 Brian Hunter 116

16 Harry Heilmann 110

17 Pete Fox 107

18 Gary Pettis 100

19 Ossie Vitt 99

20 Jimmy Barrett 92

21 Bobby Higginson 91

22 Matty McIntyre 89

23 Tom Brookens 85

24 Lu Blue 84

25 Ralph Young 82

26 Damion Easley 81

27 Jake Wood 79

28 Roy Johnson 77

29 Billy Rogell 76

30 Jo-Jo White 75

31 Bill Coughlin 73

32 Charley O'Leary 71

T33 Tony Phillips 70

T33 Milt Cuyler 70

35 Juan Encarnacion 68

36 Marty McManus 65

37 Bill Bruton 64

38 Alex Sanchez 63

39 Dick McAuliffe 61

T40 Travis Fryman 58

T40 Hank Greenberg 58

42 Doc Casey 56

43 Roger Cedeno 55

44 Barney McCosky 52

T45 Harvey Kuenn 51

T45 Ducky Holmes 51

T47 Kid Gleason 49

T47 Bob Jones 49

T49 Jim Delahanty 48

T49 Kid Elberfeld 48

T49 Heinie Manush 48

T52 George Burns 47

T52 Carlos Guillen 47

54 Jackie Tavener 46

55 Mickey Stanley 44

56 Chad Curtis 43

57 Norm Cash 42

58 Ben Oglivie 41

T59 Pat Sheridan 39

T59 Jim Northrup 39

61 Claude Rossman 38

62 Topper Rigney 37

T63 Hoot Evers 35

T63 Curtis Granderson 35

T63 Kimera Bartee 35

T66 Brandon Inge 34

T66 Bob Fothergill 34

T66 Baldy Louden 34

T66 Omar Infante 34

T66 Del Gainer 34

T66 Rudy York 34

T66 George Kell 34

73 Fred Haney 33

74 Larry Herndon 32

T75 Nook Logan 31

T75 Eddie Lake 31

T75 Tom Jones 31

T75 Chico Fernandez 31

T79 Oscar Stanage 30

T79 Johnny Neun 30

T79 Gates Brown 30

T82 Frank Bolling 28

T82 Chris Lindsay 28

T84 Dave Collins 27

T84 Jack Warner 27

T86 Eddie Mayo 26

T86 Wild Bill Donovan 26

T86 Jose Macias 26

T86 Brad Ausmus 26

T86 Harry Rice 26

T86 Johnny Lipon 26

T92 Mike Higgins 25

T92 Luis Polonia 25

T92 Lloyd Moseby 25

T95 John Stone 24

T95 Goose Goslin 24

T95 Marty Kavanagh 24

T95 Bill Freehan 24

T95 Ivan Rodriguez 24

T95 Steve Kemp 24

T101 Red Wilson 23

T101 Al Wingo 23

T101 Ramon Santiago 23

T101 Sport McAllister 23

T101 Boss Schmidt 23

T106 Don Wert 22

T106 Gary Sheffield 22

T106 Lance Parrish 22

T109 Bobby Lowe 21

T109 Jimmy Outlaw 21

T111 Marv Owen 20

T111 Pat Mullin 20

T111 Delos Drake 20

T111 Mike Heath 20

T111 Frank O'Rourke 20

T111 Dick Harley 20

T117 Joe Hoover 19

T117 Tony Taylor 19

T117 Heinie Schuble 19

T117 Dan Meyer 19

T117 Enos Cabell 19

T117 Doc Cramer 19

T123 Skeeter Barnes 18

T123 Bill Tuttle 18

T125 Howard Johnson 17

T125 George Mullin 17

T125 Curtis Pride 17

T125 Craig Monroe 17

T129 Dale Alexander 16

T129 Larry Woodall 16

T129 Ira Flagstead 16

T129 Charlie Carr 16

T129 Pop Dillon 16

T134 Charlie Maxwell 15

T134 Earl Torgeson 15

T134 Paul Richards 15

T137 Rabbit Robinson 14

T137 Eddie Yost 14

T137 Alex Johnson 14

T137 Skeeter Webb 14

T137 Ricky Peters 14

T137 Eddie Ainsmith 14

T137 Willie Horton 14

T137 Billy Lush 14

T137 Mickey Cochrane 14

T137 Harry Davis 14

T147 Carlos Pena 13

T147 Gabe Kapler 13

T147 Chet Lemon 13

T147 Birdie Tebbetts 13

T147 Hugh High 13

T147 Jim Walewander 13

T147 George Cutshaw 13

T147 Aurelio Rodriguez 13

T147 George Lombard 13

T156 Damian Jackson 12

T156 Champ Summers 12

T156 Heinie Smith 12

T156 Luis Gonzalez 12

T156 Darrell Evans 12

T156 Lynn Jones 12

T156 Bill Sweeney 12

T156 Ned Harris 12

T156 Dick Bartell 12

T156 Dan Gladden 12

T156 Liz Funk 12

T156 Placido Polanco 12

T156 Fred Hatfield 12

T156 Chris Gomez 12

T156 Deivi Cruz 12

T156 Joe Yeager 12

T172 Fritz Buelow 11

T172 Del Pratt 11

T172 Hub Walker 11

T172 Dean Palmer 11

T172 Kenny Williams 11

T172 Herman Long 11

T178 Johnny Bassler 10

T178 Roy Cullenbine 10

T178 Shane Halter 10

T178 Dick Wakefield 10

T178 Juan Samuel 10

T178 Reno Bertoia 10

T178 Mark Koenig 10

T178 Neil Berry 10

T178 Jerry Morales 10

T178 Don Kolloway 10

T188 Doc Nance 9

T188 Bubba Phillips 9

T188 Jimmy Bloodworth 9

T188 Paddy Baumann 9

T188 Dixie Walker 9

T188 Red McKee 9

T188 Don Ross 9

T188 Fred Payne 9

T188 Barbaro Garbey 9

T188 Chick Shorten 9

T188 Lew Drill 9

T188 Babe Ellison 9

T188 Danny Bautista 9

T188 Don Demeter 9

T188 Jerry Lumpe 9

T188 Chet Laabs 9

T188 Dave Bergman 9

T205 Pinky Hargrave 8

T205 Dick Tracewski 8

T205 Ray Boone 8

T205 Jerry Priddy 8

T205 George Thomas 8

T205 Rob Deer 8

T205 Al Cowens 8

T205 Mike Brumley 8

T205 Rusty Staub 8

T205 Jim Delsing 8

T205 Andres Torres 8

T205 Frank Doljack 8

T205 Nolen Richardson 8

T205 Joe Randa 8

T219 Bill Akers 7

T219 Dizzy Trout 7

T219 Eric Davis 7

T219 Gary Thurman 7

T219 Chick Galloway 7

T219 Bob Maier 7

T219 Duff Cooley 7

T219 John Knox 7

T219 Johnny Groth 7

T219 Les Burke 7

T219 Steve Boros 7

T219 Steve Souchock 7

T231 Dmitri Young 6

T231 Bip Roberts 6

T231 Al Simmons 6

T231 Frank Catalanotto 6

T231 Rick Leach 6

T231 Charlie Deal 6

T231 Mickey Tettleton 6

T231 Dick Sharon 6

T231 Red Killefer 6

T231 Wendell Magee 6

T231 Mark Lewis 6

T231 Babe Pinelli 6

T231 Ed Killian 6

T231 Fred Hutchinson 6

T231 Charlie Hickman 6

T231 Rocky Colavito 6

T231 Luis Salazar 6

T231 John Warner 6

T231 Tuck Stainback 6

T231 Darnell Coles 6

T231 Tony Clark 6

T231 Bob Swift 6

T253 Cesar Gutierrez 5

T253 George Smith 5

T253 Cameron Maybin 5

T253 Rip Radcliff 5

T253 Frank House 5

T253 Bruce Campbell 5

T253 Vic Wertz 5

T253 Magglio Ordonez 5

T253 Chet Morgan 5

T253 Del Baker 5

T253 Frank Fuller 5

T253 Red Downs 5

T253 Billy Martin 5

T253 Mark Christman 5

T253 Flea Clifton 5

T253 George Harper 5

T269 Scott Lusader 4

T269 Mark Wagner 4

T269 Chuck Hostetler 4

T269 Jack Burns 4

T269 Bill Madlock 4

T269 Warren Morris 4

T269 Bubba Morton 4

T269 Robert Fick 4

T269 Alexis Gomez 4

T269 Johnny Pesky 4

T269 Tito Fuentes 4

T269 Tom Veryzer 4

T269 John Moses 4

T269 Eric Munson 4

T269 Ron Jackson 4

T269 Red Borom 4

T269 Bruce Kimm 4

T269 Eddie Onslow 4

T269 John Wockenfuss 4

T269 Scott Livingstone 4

T269 Ryan Raburn 4

T269 Jason Thompson 4

T269 Tim Corcoran 4

T269 Red Corriden 4

T269 Frank Croucher 4

T269 Merv Shea 4

T269 Don Lund 4

T269 Walt Dropo 4

T269 Earl Averill 4

T298 Jacob Cruz 3

T298 Glenn Wilson 3

T298 Matt Nokes 3

T298 Ed Gremminger 3

T298 Mark Carreon 3

T298 Erve Beck 3

T298 Ike Brown 3

T298 Ryan Jackson 3

T298 Jody Reed 3

T298 Ed Brinkman 3

T298 Tubby Spencer 3

T298 Phil Mankowski 3

T298 Frank Walker 3

T298 Hal Newhouser 3

T298 Matt Walbeck 3

T298 Benny McCoy 3

T298 Gary Ward 3

T298 John Shelby 3

T298 Keith Moreland 3

T298 Marcus Thames 3

T298 Paul Campbell 3

T298 Hooks Dauss 3

T298 Tommy Matchick 3

T298 Bubba Trammell 3

T298 Gregg Jefferies 3

T298 Ruben Sierra 3

T298 Jim Brideweser 3

T298 Leon Roberts 3

T298 Jason Smith 3

T298 Doug Strange 3

T298 Doug Baker 3

T298 Jim Nettles 3

T298 Marty Castillo 3

T298 Dave Philley 3

T298 Ben Dyer 3

T298 Billy Ripken 3

T298 Dutch Meyer 3

T298 Matt Batts 3

T298 Deacon McGuire 3

What is the lowest attendance for a Houston Astros baseball game?

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I'm going with the September 7, 1974 game between the Astros and Padres, which drew 3044 fans according to Baseball Reference.

There were games with lower attendance when they were the Colt .45's. Houston is no place for outdoor baseball.

How far is it from the plate to the left field fence at Wrigley Field?

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According to Mapguest, it's only 20 minutes. From: Wrigley Field, 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 606013, to U.S. Cellular Field, 333 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 606016, is an estimated 9.86 miles, and an estimated 20 minutes. We'll be there soon to find out for sure, Good Luck!

Where is carlos Pena most ticklish part at?

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yes he is especially on his tummy

Who are the local television announcers for the Houston Astros?

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The very annoying Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper.......

You have the right to your opinion, I fought for that right in a past war, but your are wrong! Foss and Kuipe are the best unlike other I hear on occasion.

What was the original name of the Houston Texans?

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For information on the Texans' history, see (on the official Texans website

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Eddie Kasko playing at short stop for the Houston Astros in 1965?

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Eddie Kasko played in 59 games at short stop for the Houston Astros in 1965, starting in 53 of them. He played for a total of 1422 outs, equivalent to 52.67 9-inning games.

He made 96 putouts, had 152 assists, and committed 6 errors, equivalent to .114 errors per 9-inning game. He had 27 double plays.

When did the Washington Nationals have their first winning season?

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The first winning season for the Washington Nationals was in 2012, they finished the year with a 98-64 record.

The Nationals were originally known as the Montreal Expos, who were founded in 1969. As the Expos, their first winning season was in 1979.

Is carlos pena dating right now?

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yes he break up with samantha and he is single now!

When did Craig Biggio get his 3000th hit?

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June 28, 2007

On June 28, 2007, Craig Biggio became the first player to collect five hits in the same game in which he reached the 3,000-hit mark. Biggio lined a single in the seventh inning to reach the magical plateau.

What year were the Houston Astros founded?

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The club was initially founded in 1962 as the Houston Colt .45's and defeated the Chicago Cubs in their first game, 11-2 on April 10. In 1965, the Colt .45's changed their name to the Houston Astros, and played baseball's first indoor game at the Astrodome on April 9, defeating the New York Yankees 2-1 in an exhibition game. So, to answer the question, the "Astros" debuted on April 9, 1965 though the Houston team had been in place for 3 years. The Astros first season in MLB was in 1962.

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Ross Powell playing at pitcher for the Houston Astros in 1995?

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Rafael Ramirez played in 27 games at second base for the Houston Astros in 1991, starting in 18 of them. He played for a total of 484 outs, equivalent to 17.93 9-inning games.

He made 35 putouts, had 52 assists, and committed 2 errors, equivalent to .112 errors per 9-inning game. He had 9 double plays.